Joe Biden’s Head Spun When He Learned of a Massive Reversal of Fortune

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is in rough waters.

The former Vice President is under attack and has seen his poll numbers dip.

And Joe Biden’s head spun when learned of a massive reversal of fortune.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

If there’s one thing career politicians are good at doing, it’s lying.

The easiest way to tell somebody like Joe Biden is lying is if they are talking.

And in his first debate of the season, he was caught in a huge lie that even one of his biggest allies had to call him out on.

Speaking of the Iraq war, which Biden voted for as a Senator, he tried to give himself credit for withdrawing 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq.

“I made sure the president turned to me and said, ‘Joe, get our combat troops out of Iraq.’ I was responsible for getting 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq, and my son was one of them,” Biden said.

This is an accomplishment that would bide over well with Democrats.

For one, the Iraq War was started by George W. Bush, so Democrats stand strongly against it.

Also, there are a number of strongly anti-war candidates on the field gaining steam.

But as it turns out, his claim is entirely false.

It is so false that the Washington Post, who has written countless positive Biden pieces, had to give him the “two Pinocchio” rating on their truthfulness score.

That means that the claim is entirely false.

Along with their rating they describe Biden not as the anti-Iraq war politician he paints himself as, but as the one leading the Iraq policy from the White House.

“He was chairing meetings at the Cabinet level in the Situation Room, as the president would on a regular basis, and traveling frequently to Iraq from the summer of 2009 through 2011 — seven trips between the summer of ’09 and 2011,” the Post reported. “He was on the phone with Iraqi political leadership pretty regularly during this period. In a very broad sense, he was running Iraqi policy from the White House on behalf of the president.”

This not only proves Biden’s entire point wrong, but it exposes him as a liar.

In contrast, President Trump has long been a vocal opponent of the Iraq War.

In fact, during the 2016 debates, he went after then-candidate Jeb Bush, who is George W. Bush’s brother, for supporting the Iraq War.

“Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake,” Trump said.

“It took Jeb—it took Jeb Bush, if you remember, at the beginning of his announcement, when he announced for president, took him five days. He went back. It was a mistake, it wasn’t a mistake. Took him five days before his people told him what to say. And he ultimately said it was a mistake.”

So clearly, Trump is much more consistent than Biden.

But Biden has also been in public office for decades.

Once somebody has been in office for as long as Biden has, they pretty much always radically shift positions on countless issues.

This will be Biden’s biggest problem as the election continues on.

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