Joe Biden’s Response To Communist China Infuriates Americans

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden ties to Communist China are a threat to American national security.

It’s going from bad to worse.

And Joe Biden is hiding a skeleton in his closet about China that will blow the roof off.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

The Communist Party of China is now ramping up their espionage efforts against America.

After China was caught floating a spy balloon over the United States in February, Biden was lambasted for allowing the object to travel all the way to Montana before first being detected.

And after waiting until the balloon traveled all the way across the country, Biden finally ordered it to be shot down over the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, over a month after that incident, Joe Biden is finding himself in the middle of yet another Chinese spying scandal as the CCP has chosen to seriously escalate their surveillance efforts on the United States.

USNI News reports, “The second stage of a Chinese rocket that delivered a trio of military surveillance satellites in June disintegrated over Texas on Wednesday, USNI News has learned.

“The four-ton component of a Chang Zheng 2D ‘Long March’ rocket punched through the atmosphere on Wednesday over Texas at 17,000 miles per hour and disintegrated, two defense officials confirmed to USNI News on Thursday.

“Military officials have yet to find any debris from the rocket stage, however USNI News understands the debris field could be miles wide and several hundred miles long.”

Last year, China delivered a new spy satellite into orbit to expand their surveillance capabilities against America.

This was part of a larger operation connected to the recent spy balloon that was floated over the continental United States.

And now, months after the rocket delivered this satellite into space, the booster itself finally fell back down to Earth and burned up over Texas.

Now, the Communist Party of China is using the United States as a literal dumping ground for the very rockets it is using to spy on America.

This simply adds insult to injury.

USNI News adds, “Chinese officials have not acknowledged the unplanned reentry as of this posting. U.S. officials are still determining if any debris has hit the ground. China has been criticized for space debris entering the atmosphere unpredictably causing a hazard to population centers.”

And for Joe Biden, this comes as a stunning rebuke of his leadership capabilities.

China is dumping its space garbage on American soil with impunity and Biden has done nothing to force the Chinese to apologize and stop their dangerous actions.

China also has refused to inform the United States about its rocket trajectories and where their debris will likely land, meaning that American cities could potentially be hit by falling rocket parts in the future.

“NASA administrator Bill Nelson has been critical of the lack of care China has put into ensuring the safe landing of its space debris and its unwillingness to share trajectory data,” concludes USNI News.

And yet the Chinese Communist Party does not care at all about the fact that they are dumping old rockets over American land, because no one has bothered to force them to stop doing so.