John Fetterman’s Latest Flub Raises Questions About His Fitness for Office

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf on Flickr

Democrat Senator John Fetterman and the media don’t want to come clean about Fetterman’s health.

It’s been under wraps for over one year.

And John Fetterman said one sentence that had everyone asking what was wrong with him.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Serving in the U.S. Senate has been a massive struggle for John Fetterman, who has lost much of his speaking ability since suffering a stroke during the campaign.

Fetterman and his aides claim it’s not a problem and that Republicans are simply lying about him.

But they go out of their way to hide him from the media.

The few times Fetterman has been forced to speak publicly, it’s been ugly.

According to a report from The Blaze, “Last Friday, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was interviewed by the New York Times over a range of topics, including his health and the state of Congress.”

“One question he was asked during his interview was whether ‘the political posturing in Congress ever made him cynical,’ Pat Gray reports.”

“Fetterman’s answer can only be described as outlandish.”

“‘That we should have no hungry hanger hangry hanger hangry,’ was how Fetterman finished his statement.”

No one has a clue what Fetterman was trying to say. The question wasn’t even about hunger. It would have at least made sense if the interviewer was asking about, say, poverty in third world countries.

But that wasn’t the question at all.

So why did Fetterman burble out the words “hungry,” “hanger,” and “hangry” five times?

It makes no sense, and it should make everyone concerned about this man who has his hand on the levers of power.

“This is why we said he shouldn’t be in the U.S. Senate, then if you bring it up, then you’re intolerant. You’re a hater. You don’t like people with disabilities,” said Pat Gray about Fetterman’s incident.

Fetterman’s inability to serve in the U.S. Senate is impossible to ignore now.

When even the New York Times can’t cover up Fetterman’s issues, it’s bad news.

He’s going to have to make a decision very soon about what is best for him health-wise – and also what’s best for the nation.

It’s clear he should be in full-time rehab right now, rather than holding a position of immense power.