Kamala Harris’ Bad Luck Continued With One Massive Public Mistake

Photo by Adam Schultz

Kamala Harris is creating doubt among Democrats.

Harris’ plan to replace Joe Biden is now in doubt.

Kamala Harris’ bad luck continued with one massive public mistake.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Since Joe Biden named Kamala Harris to manage the administration’s response to the illegal immigration crisis six weeks ago, Harris has not visited the border or held a press conference to lay out how Joe Biden plans to get a handle on this catastrophe.

Harris did finally address the border crisis in a speech to the Washington Conference on the Americas.

In her speech, Harris stuck to her talking points that she was not actually in charge of managing the border crisis, but that she was instead tasked with overseeing the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Harris outrageously claimed so-called “climate change” was the main driver of illegal aliens fleeing Central America to rush the United States’ southern border.

Kamala Harris listed “climate adaptation” and “climate resilience” as the issues the Biden administration needed to solve.

“The work from combatting corruption to combatting climate change will not be easy,” Harris added. “And it is not new, and it could not be more important, and it will take all of us.”

Critics contend this is rubbish.

Multiple media organizations interviewed illegal aliens attempting to cross into America and the migrants told news outlets that Joe Biden taking office and sending out a welcoming message with his words and open border policies spurred them to make the dangerous journey to illegally migrate to America.

So-called “climate change” is an umbrella policy problem that allows the left to reorder America into a socialist state like Venezuela or Communist China.

The Green New Deal touches every aspect of American life from banning fossil fuel-powered cars, to restricting airplane travel, to cutting back on beef consumption, forcing Americans to drive expensive electronic cars and refitting every building in America to carry “sustainable” energy sources.

The Biden administration’s mini-Green New Deal bill includes some of these priorities such as nudging all Americans to purchase electric cars.

In addition, radical climate activists such as influential New York Times columnist Ezra Klein published a column urging massive reductions in Americans’ beef consumption.

Contrary to the fake news spread by the corporate media, there is absolutely a push on the organized left to force Americans to eat less beef and become vegans or vegetarians in response because raising cows for mass meat consumption leads to methane entering the atmosphere.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden don’t have any solutions to the border crisis.

They want open borders.

And one reason they want open borders with illegal aliens pouring into the country is because they can use it as another excuse to push the Green New Deal policies that will lead to a socialist takeover of America.