Kamala Harris Did Something Strange That Left Everyone Asking One Question

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Kamala Harris’ conduct baffles many across the country.

It seems like every day there is something else.

Kamala Harris did something strange that left everyone asking one question.

As Great American Daily reports:

Joe Biden took a few questions from his fans in the press after announcing RINO senators agreed to the framework of a deal that will eventually allow Democrats to pass trillions of dollars in Green New Deal and socialist welfare spending as well as imposing the largest tax increase in American history.

Biden addressed the risk involved in his big spending binge fueling an inflation crisis.

“So, again, if it turns out that what I’ve done so far — what we’ve done so far is a mistake, it’s going to show. It’s going to show. The economy is not going to grow like it wasn’t before. People aren’t going to have jobs with increased pay like it was before,” Biden stated.

And in fact, that is what is happening right now as the April and May jobs reports both came in under expectations.

“If that happens, then my policies didn’t make a lot of sense, but I’m counting on it not. That’s my counting how it’s working. I’ve got to get a helicopter. Thank you,” Biden added.

As Biden left the room Kamala Harris stopped Biden and whispered something to him.

“Oh, yes. I apologize. Yes, thank you,” Biden told Harris.

Biden then returned to the microphone and addressed the collapse of a 12-story Miami apartment building burying the tenants.

“I’ve spoken with, coincidentally, the mayor of Miami-Dade, who was in my office yesterday … So, we are on top of it. We are ready to move, from the federal resources, immediately,” Biden told reporters.

Currently one person is confirmed dead, ten are injured and 99 building residents are missing.

Biden’s forgetting the horrific accident can’t be written off as simply a busy president spacing out for a second.

During his catastrophic trip to Europe, Biden held one press conference where he confused Syria for Libya three times and experienced a severe case of brain freeze when answering a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden’s performance so alarmed former White House physician for Barack Obama and Donald Trump – and current Texas Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson that Jackson dispatched a letter to Biden and his doctor urging Biden to take a cognitive test.

Harris having to remind Biden about a building collapse that dominated the news did not inspire confidence in skeptical Americans that Biden is in command of his faculties and able to discharge the duties of the office he holds.

And that is why Dr. Jackson wants Biden to submit to a cognitive test and make the results public.