Kamala Harris Is Going To Go Crazy When She Sees What Showed Up On Her Doorstep On Christmas Eve

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Kamala Harris figured she could enjoy a vacation.

But Harris was forced to face his biggest failure.

Kamala Harris is going to go crazy when she sees what showed up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The Biden administration is fighting to end Title 42 — a policy Donald Trump instituted during the pandemic to quickly expel illegal aliens caught crossing the border.

Once Title 42 ends experts predict 14,000 illegal aliens could enter the country every day.

The blame for this failure falls at the feet of border czar Kamala Harris.

Harris’s disastrous tenure as border czar defined her time in office which — judging by approval ratings — the American people largely view as a failure.

Red state governors tried to call attention to the catastrophe at the border and Harris’s neglect by trying to force the media to cover the illegal alien invasion.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott highlighted the fact that pro-open borders Democrats never had to live with the consequences of their policies as they expected red states to manage the influx of illegal aliens.

On Christmas Eve Governor Abbott sent three busloads of 130 illegal aliens to the doorstep of Harris’s residency at the Naval Observatory.

Democrats flew off the handle at Governor Abbott calling pro-open borders liberals like Kamala Harris on their bluff.

The Biden administration ranted and raved about illegal aliens showing up at Kamala Harris’s front door.

“Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,” Biden administration spokesman Abdullah Hasan declared. “This was a cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt.”

Texas Democrat Congressman Joaquin Castro cursed Governor Abbott as a “Piece of Sh!t” and claimed Governor Abbott abandoned illegal aliens on the freezing streets of Washington, D.C.

“Worthless @GovAbbott dropping off people with no money and no means on Christmas Eve in 15 degree weather near the VP’s residence. How Christian of you, Greg Abbott. Being a heartless POS isn’t going to make you the next Republican President,” Castro posted on social media.

This was not true.

While it was 15 degrees in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve, it was also 21 degrees in El Paso.

And the Biden administration exhausted El Paso’s resources through the open borders agenda to the point that illegal aliens were sleeping on the streets.

Rather than sleeping on the freezing streets of El Paso, the illegal aliens slept in a shelter in D.C.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell — who allegedly had a sexual relationship with a Communist Chinese spy — smeared Governor Abbott as a bad Christian.

“Guess we know how Greg Abbott, a ‘practicing’ Roman Catholic, would have treated Jesus, Mary & Joseph,” Swalwell fumed.

But what Democrats are really mad about is the fact that Governor Abbott forced the corporate media to cover the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aided and abetted an illegal alien invasion at the southern border.