Kamala Harris is going to hate what Joe Biden just did at the Supreme Court

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are looking ahead to 2024.

But there is some bad news on the way.

And Kamala Harris is going to hate what Joe Biden just did at the Supreme Court.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden is facing increasing speculation that he will not run for re-election in 2024.

Democrats look at Kamala Harris’ sinking poll numbers and are looking for a way to sideline her.

And Joe Biden may end Kamala Harris’ career with this major Supreme Court decision.

Earlier this month, Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram raised eyebrows by reporting that a well-connected Capitol Hill source told Pergram that he should study up on how the House of Representatives runs confirmation hearings.

The only office the House holds confirmation hearings for is the vice president.

“Here is a window into my world. As you know, I appreciate congressional process and mechanics. So I got a message recently from someone who knows Capitol Hill very well and they suggested I should familiarize myself with the process to confirm a vacancy for the vice president in the Senate and in the House. To be clear — to be clear — this is not something to say that something is afoot here, but I always do my homework especially about process, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller who served under President Ford, was the last vice president confirmed by Congress. The Senate and House must confirm a vice president,” Pergram told host Jesse Watters.

That led to speculation that Joe Biden would announce Kamala Harris as the replacement for liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

All of Washington expects the 83-year-old Breyer to step down when the Supreme Court’s current term ends in June 2022.

Joe Biden pledged to nominate a black woman as his first Supreme Court nomination.

Selecting Harris could fulfill that promise and also find a soft landing spot for Harris if Harris’ pitiful poll numbers convince Democrats Harris cannot be the party standard bearer in 2024.

The Telegraph reports:

Democrats desperately scrambling to find a potential successor to Joe Biden in 2024 are whispering about a potential nuclear option that could see Kamala Harris, the current Vice President, nominated to the Supreme Court.

While the scenario is highly improbable, and perhaps a reflection of a Washington rumour mill in overdrive, the fact it has come up at all shows the depths of the predicament the Biden administration currently finds itself in, amid rising inflation, a stalled domestic agenda, and foreign policy disasters.

Supreme Court justices did not always used to all be appeals court justices.

Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist had no judicial experience.

Current Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan also had no judicial experience before Barack Obama nominated her.

The woke base of the Democrat Party would not react well to Joe Biden and other party leaders pushing aside Kamala Harris since Harris would be the first black female presidential nominee.

Putting Harris on the Supreme Court would end Harris’ political career, but Harris’ 28 percent approval rating could also render her unelectable.

That is the conundrum Democrats face.