Kamala Harris Is Going To Regret What One Camera Caught Her Saying On Video Tape

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

It wasn’t just Joe Biden suffering from the August doldrums.

Kamala Harris is now caught up in this mess.

And Kamala Harris is going to regret what one camera caught her saying on video tape.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

President Joe Biden decided to go directly against the advice of his generals when he completely pulled out of Afghanistan.

Biden pulled out before visas could be arranged for people who worked for America for a number of years and whose lives are now dangerously at risk.

Many of these people live outside Kabul and now cannot reach safety, many of whom will be slaughtered by the Taliban.

There are also thousands of Americans trapped in the country.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told CNN that there are “certainly thousands of Americans…we don’t have an exact count.”

Estimates range from 5,000-40,000 American citizens are trying to get out.

These people have been abandoned by the Biden Administration which has told trapped Americans that it “cannot guarantee” their safety as they try to make their way to the airport in Kabul through Taliban-controlled areas.

The way Biden has dealt with Afghanistan has been a complete disaster.

And Vice President Kamala Harris was a key part of his decisions.

Back in April, Harris bragged that she was the “last person in the room” when Biden chose to pull American troops out of Afghanistan.

On CNN’s “State of the Union with Dana Bash,” Harris was happy to state her own importance. “When Joe Biden asked me to join him on the ticket, he did so with a sense of intentionality, of purpose, knowing that he and I may have very different life experiences, but we also have the same values and operate from the same principles. But it was something that I know he was very intentional about in terms of asking me to run with him and to serve with him, which is that I will bring a perspective that will contribute to the overall decisions that we make.

“He and I are in almost every meeting together, have made almost every decision together,” she continued, later adding, “So, yes, I carry a great, great sense of responsibility, if not the seriousness of the responsibility, to be in this position and be a voice for those who have not traditionally been in the room.”

Bash commented, “President Biden always said that he wants you to be the last person in the room, particularly for big decisions, just as he was for President Obama.”

“Yes,” Harris agreed.

“He just made a really big decision: Afghanistan,” Bash noted.

“Yes,” Harris reiterated.

“Were you the last person in the room?” Bash asked.

“Yes,” Harris repeated.

“And you feel comfortable?” Bash inquired.

“I do,” Harris stated, then gushed, “And I’m going to add to that. This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage. He is someone who I have seen over and over again make decisions based on what he truly believes — based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues, what he truly believes is the right thing to do.”

Harris herself admitted that she was comfortable with Biden’s choice to hurriedly leave Afghanistan in a way that put thousands of our citizens and allies’ lives in danger.

This should never be forgotten.