Kamala Harris Just Did Something To Joe Biden That Raised Eyebrows Across America

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

2024 was supposed to be Kamala Harris’ time.

But will Harris take over before then?

Kamala Harris just did something to Joe Biden that raised eyebrows across America.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was the first foreign leader that Joe Biden hosted at the White House.

But in an odd scene, Kamala Harris greeted Prime Minister Suga at the White House instead of Joe Biden.

This is a direct violation of protocol and a potential embarrassment for the Prime Minister in Japan because the Prime Minister is a head of state and Joe Biden sent his subordinate to meet him.

However, it’s not the first time Kamala Harris usurped the duties of president in direct violation of the protocol that heads of state only deal with fellow heads of state.

Kamala Harris held a number of phone calls with world leaders, a duty usually reserved for the President.

Many assumed that Biden delegated these tasks to Harris to build up her experience so she can run for president in 2024.

But Biden’s repeated memory lapses have some questioning who is really running the show.

Biden recently forgot the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Pentagon, referring to Austin and the Defense Department as “that guy who runs that outfit over there.”

Texas Senator John Cornyn tweeted out a POLITICO article covering Joe Biden’s low media profile and asked, “invites the question: is he really in charge?”

Critics look at Harris greeting the Japanese Prime Minister at the White House and believe Biden is not the one really in charge.