Kamala Harris Just Had Her Future Destroyed In The Most Devastating Way Ever

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Kamala Harris thinks she is going to run for president one day.

Harris learned she was wrong.

And Kamala Harris just had her future destroyed in the most devastating way ever.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats are already acting like Joe Biden is a lame duck.

Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Hillary Clinton, and others are clearly sending up test balloons that they are prepping for a 2024 presidential primary as none believe Joe Biden is running for re-election.

That’s because Joe Biden will be 82 years old in 2024, shows signs of suffering from cognitive decline, and already faces toxic poll numbers.

CNN’s Erin Burnett interviewed liberal activist and CNN contributor Van Jones about reports that Joe Biden feels frustrated that Democrats are gearing up to run for president in 2024 despite the fact that Biden continually says he is committed to run for a second term.

“President Biden, we’re learning, is frustrated because he feels there are powers in his own party that are essentially saying don’t you even think about running again. He’s apparently frustrated that they’re trying to run him out of office is the feeling and get him to not run for re-election. Now, to be honest, Van, many Americans did assume he was going to be a one-term president, and that’s what he wanted to do, but that was an assumption. How bad is the situation for the Democratic Party, though?” Burnett asked.

Jones responded by admitting that Democrats were caught in a bind.

Democrats – in their heart of hearts – know Joe Biden cannot serve as president for two full terms as Biden would be 86 years old by the end of his presidency.

At the same time, if Biden does not run in 2024 it will invite a wide open and bloody primary where multiple candidates will savage each other in a competition to win the party’s presidential nomination.

“Look, right now, it feels like a lose-lose situation. You know, Joe Biden is a beloved human being, but he’s also up in years, so there is a fear. Hey, listen, don’t forget, when Obama went into office, he looked like a young Tiger Woods. In the beginning, he left looking like Morgan Freeman. I mean, that job will tear you up. That is a tough job. So the idea of can this guy do the full eight years, that’s the question. I think some people aren’t confident. At the same time, there is no heir apparent. There is no likely successor,” Jones responded.

Burnett cut in and noted that Vice President Kamala Harris should be the next in line for Democrats.

“Well, the way the party would go would be Kamala Harris, historically,” Burnett interjected.

But Jones admitted that Kamala Harris’ lousy poll numbers – a USA Today/Suffolk poll found just 28 percent of Americans approved of Harris’ job as vice president – rendered Harris a politically crippled presidential contender.

“Sure, Kamala Harris, her numbers are not as strong, his numbers are not as strong, nobody’s numbers are as strong, so a free for all in the last year of his presidency now feels like a lose-lose,” Jones answered.

Even Democrats do not consider Harris to be presidential timber.

No sitting vice president has ever been held in this low esteem by their own party’s leaders and voters.

And even CNN admits that truth.