Kamala Harris learned one terrible truth that doomed her political future

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Kamala Harris assumed Democrats would automatically pick her to succeed Joe Biden.

But if Joe Biden steps down as many expect, Harris could be left out in the cold.

Kamala Harris learned one terrible truth that doomed her political future.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Kamala Harris was supposed to be the Democrats’ insurance policy in 2024.

With Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and policy failures tanking his approval ratings, Democrats banked on Harris stepping in as an historic candidate to carry the party banner into the next election.

But Kamala Harris woke up to one harsh reality that meant she will never be President.

It’s not just Joe Biden’s approval ratings that sunk into the toilet.

Kamala Harris joined him in plunging popularity.

The Los Angeles Times analyzed Harris’ numbers and found that Harris sunk to net unfavorable rating of negative nine points after starting the administration with slightly favorable approval numbers.

“As of Oct. 26, 42 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 51 percent had an unfavorable opinion — a net rating of -9 percentage points, according to a Times average,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Los Angeles Times touched on why Harris was unpopular before trying to gaslight readers into believing a false narrative about why Americans soured on Harris.

Last March, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his border czar.

But in fiscal year 2021 a record number of illegal aliens – 1.7 million – invaded America, a large portion of which marched across the border while Harris ignored the problem.

The Times noted Harris’ numbers began to decline this summer when Harris took a trip to Central America to address the root causes of the illegal immigration crisis.

But the only headline Harris made on the trip was her refusal to answer NBC’s Lester Holt’s question about when she planned to visit the southern border.

“The dip followed an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, where Harris bristled at a question about why she had not visited the border, triggering criticism. Comments about immigration and the United States’ southern border during visits to Mexico and Guatemala have also sparked controversy,” reported the Times.

After that rare moment of truth in a corporate media outlet, the Times quickly pivoted to lying about Harris’ sinking popularity claiming – without citing any evidence – that Americans turned on Harris because of racism and sexism.

“The decline also corresponds with studies showing that Harris, like other female politicians, has increasingly become the target of online abuse. As Harris’ stature has increased, so has the volume of sexist, violent and misogynistic attacks against her on social media, with researchers finding hundreds of thousands of examples,” the Times added.

Harris ended her ill-fated 2020 presidential campaign as a punchline.

Voters couldn’t tell what Harris stood for and her only memorable characteristic was her signature cackle.

Harris’ time as Vice President did not rehabilitate her reputation.

Instead, Harris squandered whatever goodwill she received by failing miserably as border czar.

And these miserable poll numbers have many Democrats worried Harris is a guaranteed loser in 2024.