Kamala Harris Made Every Democrat Nervous With This Massive Public Humiliation

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

There are more bad headlines on the way for Kamala Harris.

With just 28 percent of Americans approving of her job as Vice President, Harris cannot afford anymore missteps.

Kamala Harris made every Democrat nervous with this massive public humiliation.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Republicans swept the statewide elections in the state of Virginia.

The GOP won the governor’s mansion as well as the lieutenant governor and attorney general contests.

Republicans also flipped enough seats to reclaim the majority in the House of Delegates.

The objective truth about election night was that it was a disaster for Democrats.

But that did not stop the politically incompetent Kamala Harris from making a fool out of herself.

Speaking to reporters after the Democrat wipeout Harris tried to gaslight the public into believing the elections were actually a sign of the Democrat Party’s strength.

“I will say this: We had great wins,” Harris said on Wednesday. “We have Eric Adams in New York. In Ohio, we had Mrs. Brown, Shontel Brown, a great win and what I think will be a great addition to the United States Congress.”

Harris claimed Eric Adams winning in New York City – where Democrats outnumber Republicans seven to one – and Shontel Brown winning a special congressional election – in a district Joe Biden carried 68 percent to 32 percent – are significant victories.

That gaslighting did not pass the laugh test.

Democrats could only win elections in the deepest blue portions of the country.

In addition to Virginia, New Jersey also held elections.

Despite there being one million more registered Democrats than Republicans, incumbent Governor Phil Murphy – who won election four years ago by 14 points – led Republican Jack Ciattarelli by around one point with hundreds of thousands of votes left to count.

The Democrat state Senate president lost to a truck driver that spent $153 on his campaign – half of which was at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Election night was a disaster across the board for Democrats.

Voters rebelled against the party’s slavish devotion to teachers’ unions that kept schools closed for months on end for no reason at all.

Residents of New Jersey and Virginia also rejected the Democrats’ calls for vaccine and mask mandates in schools.

Finally, Republican Glenn Youngkin built a winning coalition of parents fed up with woke radicals poisoning their children’s minds with racist critical race theory.

Voters in New Jersey and Virginia did not just reject the Democrat Party’s candidates.

Voters rejected the Democrat Party’s radical agenda and woke takeover of schools.

Kamala Harris is a mediocre politician devoid of charisma or the ability to persuade voters she actually believes the lies she is telling.

With Joe Biden’s collapsing approval ratings and cognitive decline there is a good chance Harris will be the Democrat Party candidate for president in 2024.

And Harris’ performance as vice president gives party leaders no belief Harris could lead the ticket to victory.