Kamala Harris Will Never Be President Because Of This Career Defining Failure

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Polls show Democrats want a new candidate in 2024.

It won’t be Kamala Harris.

And Kamala Harris will never be president because of this career defining failure.

As Great American Daily reports:

Joe Biden naming Kamala Harris as his border czar in 2021 could be the worst thing that ever happened to Kamala Harris’ career.

Polls show Harris is the least popular vice president in decades and that is due in part to Harris taking ownership of the catastrophe at the southern border.

It’s not just the record numbers of illegal aliens pouring over the border – 239,000 in just the month of May alone – but it’s also the deadly drugs cartels smuggle into the country.

There were a record 108,000 drug overdoses in 2021.

80,000 of these deaths were attributed to fentanyl.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick demanded action.

Patrick told Fox News host Trace Gallagher that the cartels were facilitating an invasion.

And Patrick contended that under an invasion the state of Texas had the right to expel illegal aliens.

“It makes me ill every time I hear it because they’re just lying to people. We are being invaded and if we’re being invaded under the Constitution, I think that gives us the power to put hands on people and send them back,” Patrick stated.

Patrick also cited a United Nations study declaring the trek to the U.S. southern border the most dangerous in the world.

“Well, since the United Nations has called this the worst border in the world, it should help us put hands on people and send them back,” Patrick added.

Referencing Operation Lone Star – which is the Texas government’s attempt to step in where the Biden administration failed – Patrick explained that the state spent $4 billion – more than many state budgets – on border security.

“And look, Trace, we normally spend 400 million a year on the border, which is an extraordinary amount of money this year. As president of the Senate, I allocated and the governor signed off on 4 billion. We’re spending $4 billion. That’s more. That’s a bigger budget than some states have in total. We have thousands of National Guard, a thousand or hundreds of troopers, and other law enforcement on the border,” Patrick added.

Patrick said every American should be angry at Joe Biden looking the other way and killing Americans by opening the border and allowing drug cartels to move their deadly product into America.

“These people are a danger to America. Every American should be angry about this. This is the biggest danger we have to your family, to your teenager who order some drug over line that he has no idea what’s in that pill. And it’s fentanyl and it kills me. It’s all on me,” Patrick declared.

Patrick said America was “attacked just as we were on Pearl Harbor. This is an attack on the American public. It’s an attack on our young people. It’s an attack on our border. And the president needs to stand up and fight back. And if he doesn’t, he needs to step down.”

Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan agrees with Patrick.

Judge Shahan declared an official invasion in Kinney County and 12 to 15 other counties were expected to join in the invasion declaration.

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda is deeply unpopular with the American people.

Kamala Harris is the face of that failure.

And if Harris is the Democrat nominee for president in 2024 she will have to explain why she helped allow an actual declared invasion at the southern border.