Kamala Harris Will Never Show Her Face Again After One Decision Backfired In A Major Way

Kamala Harris made a major splash in the first Democrat Presidential debate.

Harris knocked Joe Biden off his frontrunner perch and saw her poll numbers rise.

But now Kamala Harris will never show her face again after one decision backfired in a major way.

California Senator Kamala Harris was supposed to be the next Barack Obama.

She stood to gain the most over a fractured Democratic field that consists of a historic number of candidates from all wings of the party.

And her campaign strategy was simple: Pander to them all in order to cobble together a coalition to win the nomination and unite the party going into the 2020 races to defeat President Donald Trump.

There’s just one problem however.

Harris has completely botched any chance she had at unifying the party.

And that’s because of one fundraiser she attended that instantly blew up in her face.

The Daily Beast reports, “Taylor Swift will not be voting for Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. And neither will her millions of fans, known as Swifties, if the latest Twitter explosion is anything to go by.

On Saturday Harris’s husband posted a picture from a fundraising event at celebrity manager Scooter Braun’s house, who Taylor happens to be in an epic battle with over the rights to her master recordings which Braun now owns.”

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s earth-shattering for Harris.

She needs these voters in order to grow her base in the Democratic Party, and then defeat Trump in the general election.

And she’s instead throwing them away forever all for the sake of one fleeting fundraiser.

“Braun bought the rights to Swift’s earlier work when his Ithaca Holdings media company acquired Swift’s first label Big Machine Label Group,” adds the Daily Beast.

And this seemingly innocuous dispute over music recordings is now hurting Harris’ chances of winning the Democratic nomination.

Swift, who has increasingly emerged as a spokesperson for liberal causes after endorsing a host of Democrats in the 2018 elections, now seems poised to turn her legion of fans against Harris.

And the avalanche is already starting.

Harris’ own short-sightedness could have just cost her everything.

She took money that her campaign will soon spend in the near future, in exchange for throwing away the votes of potentially thousands of angry Taylor Swift fans.

And the consequences of this decision cannot be understated.

Swift commands a very loyal following of mostly Democratic-leaning voters.

After getting involved in helping Democratic campaigns in 2018, voter registration numbers skyrocketed when she announced she was endorsing a slew of Democratic candidates in her native state of Tennessee.

And that same energy could now be employed against one of her own fellow Democrats.

For Harris, this was a mistake she should have seen coming a mile away.

And it’s now going to come back to haunt her in a major way.

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(h/t Great American Daily)