Kari Lake Just Made Democrats Live To Regret Making A Massive Mistake

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Everyone underestimated Arizona Republican Gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake.

It could prove costly.

And Kari Lake just made Democrats live to regret making a massive mistake.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats thought all they had to do was shout “election denier” at Kari Lake and their nominee Katie Hobbs would cruise to victory.

But that turned out to be one of the worst miscalculations in political history.

Lake emerged as one of the rising stars in American politics thanks to her charisma, flair for the dramatic, and the ability to create viral moments by obliterating the corporate media for its lies, double standards and liberal bias.

Polls show Lake taking a steady lead over Hobbs.

Hobbs compounded her problems by refusing to debate Lake.

Lake spent 30 years on TV as a news anchor and – like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan – knows how to perform once the camera’s red light turns on.

Hobbs projects a mousy persona that breaks out into a panic attack if she enters a room with more than two people there.

In an interview on “Fox and Friends” Lake addressed the fact that Hobbs ducked debating her.

“She can’t even string a couple of words together,” Lake stated.

Lake noted one of Hobbs’ many cringe moments on the trail where Hobbs froze up when asked to name something positive about Arizona’s Latino community.

“She was asked a softball question a couple of weeks ago: name one good thing about the Latino community and she spent the entire minute and a half saying ‘um’ and ‘uh’ and couldn’t come up with one thing. So I think she knows why she won’t debate. It would be like a birthday cake versus a chainsaw if she showed up,” Lake continued.

Lake told Fox News that another difference between the two campaigns was the fact that Lake generated real grassroots support as evidenced by the fact that she drew 3,500 people to a recent event whereas 15 people was the largest crowd Hobbs could attract.

“We drew 3,500 people to a rally and a concert that we had on Saturday night,” Lake added. 

“Conversely, my opponent had her biggest campaign event of the season and there were 15 people there. These polls are not close. … We have a movement and nothing’s going to stop it,” Lake declared.

Democrats spent money in the GOP primary promoting Lake wrongly believing Lake was easier to beat.

Instead, the real dud candidate in the race is the one the Democrats nominated.

Katie Hobbs’ refusal to debate Lake put the focus of this race on Hobbs’ deficiencies as a candidate.

And that is helping drive Lake’s momentum in this race.