Kari Lake Obliterated The Liberal Media With An Epic Smackdown You Need To See

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Kari Lake is becoming one of the biggest stars in the Republican Party.

Lake leads in the polls in the Arizona Gubernatorial Election and that fact is driving the press crazy.

And Kari Lake obliterated the liberal media with an epic smackdown you need to see.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Kari Lake was one of the tens of millions of Americans who questioned the 2020 election.

Polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans think there were problems with the last election.

But since a Democrat won the election official Washington and the corporate press deemed questioning the result a thought crime so severe that it warranted banishment from social media, disqualification from holding elected office, and even arrest and imprisonment.

The corporate media saw Lake – who they initially dismissed as a joke and a crank because Donald Trump endorsed her – surge into the lead over their favored candidate.

That led to the media cranking up the election denier smear as a desperate measure to slow down Lake’s momentum.

But Lake – a former TV news anchor who has all the polish and charisma of someone who spent two decades on network television – showed why she is a rising GOP star.

Lake calmly, coolly, and thoroughly demolished the corporate press for their left-wing activism.

When one Democrat cheerleader pretending to be a journalist demanded Lake answer for being an “election denier” Lake put on a set piece that humiliated the media.

A press aide – who Lake said did more research than any of the fake reporters at her event – handed Lake a packet of over 100 news articles showing Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams denying the results of elections that Republicans won.

The reality is Democrats have not accepted a Republican presidential election win as legitimate since 1988.

Democrats falsely claimed the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election from Al Gore even though it was Al Gore who tried to steal the presidency by only demanding recounts in the two most Democrat counties in Florida.

CNN host Jake Tapper – who declared he will not put any Republican on the air who questioned the 2020 election – wrote a book about the 2000 election entitled “The Plot to Steal the Presidency.”

Democrats like January 6 committee Chairman Bennie Thompson denied George W. Bush’s win in 2004 by parroting the deranged conspiracy theory that Diebold voting machines switched votes from John Kerry to Bush.

And Democrats famously adopted the Big Lie that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

Kari Lake is a burgeoning star in GOP politics because unlike establishment RINOs George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Paul Ryan, Lake won’t just smile and absorb the media’s lies and smears because of the delusion that it’s “honorable” not to respond.

Lake fights back and voters are rewarding her combativeness.