Kellyanne Conway Promoted RINO Miami Mayor As Trump’s 2024 Running Mate

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

With polls showing Donald Trump leading the GOP primary field Republicans are auditioning for the role of Trump’s running mate.

But conservatives are scratching their heads over the latest rumor.

And Kellyanne Conway threw Donald Trump this huge curveball about his 2024 running mate.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

New polling showing Donald Trump with double-digit leads in Iowa and Florida over Ron DeSantis cemented Trump’s status as GOP frontrunner.

Many in the Republican Party are wondering who Trump will select as his running mate if he wins the nomination for a third time.

Since there is no chance Trump will pick Mike Pence again this vice-presidential selection gives Trump a chance to reboot his image with voters who think Joe Biden failed and are looking for a reason to back Trump.

Unfortunately for conservatives POLITICO reports that Conway has been palling around with RINO Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Conway reportedly regularly texts Suarez and served as an advisor while also hanging around Suarez in Miami.

In a text message to POLITICO Conway did not deny that she urged Trump to consider Suarez as his running mate in 2024.

“Francis Suarez can be POTUS one day. It is up to the voters when that day is,” Conway wrote to POLITICO.

Conway claimed Suarez has a “natural ability to connect with and listen to the people” and that his “remarkable” record as mayor of Miami made him an attractive candidate.

“I’ve not been shy about telling President Trump that Suarez should be on the short list for VP should Trump be the nominee,” Conway concluded.

But that record as mayor of Miami raises multiple red flags about Suarez.

In 2019 Suarez joined the mayor of Parkland on a trip to Washington, D.C. to pressure Republicans to support Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s scheme to create a universal gun registration database.

And during the COVID pandemic Suarez tasked 39 police officers to ticket and arrest Miami residents who disobeyed Suarez’s mask mandate.

Finally, Suarez did not vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020 because Suarez clutched his pearls over mean tweets.

“My father came to this country at 12. … He got to graduate from Harvard and has written eight or nine books and speaks five languages. … The way that my father carried himself and conducted himself was the way that I [thought] presidents should behave. … So, I think, stylistically, there was some rub there,” Suarez told POLITICO.

Suarez used his interview with POLITICO to audition for the job as Trump’s running mate saying he would support Trump over Joe Biden.

“Right now, if the election were between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I would vote for Donald Trump unequivocally and without hesitation,” Suarez stated.

Suarez also took several shots at Ron DeSantis for not being able to connect with voters in one-on-one interactions.

“I found that to be obviously charismatic,” Suarez said speaking of Trump, “and I think that juxtaposes him against some people in the field as well.”

When POLITICO asked if that was a comparison to DeSantis, Suarez responded, “You said it,” before adding, “Those who are comfortable with it, those who thrive in that environment will succeed, and those who aren’t may struggle.”

If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, he will have his pick of any conservative to choose as his running mate.

A pro-gun control, pro-mask mandate RINO like Francis Suarez should not be anywhere within 100 miles of the VP shortlist.