Laura Ingraham Warned Trump About The One Awful Way Democrats Can Keep Him Off The Ballot In 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

A Donald Trump 2024 comeback becomes more likely by the day.

The left is breaking out into a panic.

And Laura Ingraham warned Trump about the one awful way Democrats can keep him off the ballot in 2024.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

A so-called “Facebook whistleblower” appeared out of nowhere to sit for a primetime interview on “60 Minutes” and then testified before the Senate.

Frances Haugen went public with disturbing allegations about how Facebook and the social media app it owned – Instagram – created a toxic environment for children by designing the apps to be addictive and exposing them to dangerous content.

Senators in both parties reacted with outrage and agreed with Haugen’s calls to regulate Facebook.

“Not so fast,” warned popular Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham explained the part Haugen played in a coordinated political hit.

And critics contend that this Democrat plot could eventually end with Donald Trump.

In the 48 hours between Haugen going public on “60 Minutes” and Haugen testifying before the Senate, Haugen gained a verified Twitter account, hired the public relations firm that Jen Psaki used to work for and tapped the lawyers that reportedly represented Eric Ciaramella – the alleged “whistleblower” that leaked Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president – to Adam Schiff and jumpstarted the first impeachment fishing expedition.

To Lauran Ingraham, this smelled like a rat.

“Not so fast,” Ingraham warned Republicans about playing along with Haugen’s calls to regulate Facebook. “The fact is, Republicans may be walking straight into a trap.”

Ingraham expressed skepticism that Democrats that support drag queen story hour for children care about Instagram pushing sexualized content towards kids.

“But the point is, after all they’ve done to damage our children and steal their innocence, we’re supposed to trust them on the Facebook and Instagram issue? Color me skeptical,” Ingraham added.

Ingraham continued on telling viewers that the point of this hearing was to force Facebook to censor more conservative speech.

Haugen claimed she resigned when Facebook stopped censoring Donald Trump after the election.

“It has nothing to do with children,” Ingraham explained. “The left doesn’t like Facebook because Facebook has refused to suppress all conservative speech. That’s it. The left has decided to drive conservatives off of the Internet, and they’re afraid Facebook won’t be sufficiently loyal to their plans. They actually got away with banning the former president of the United States — and that’s not enough power for them.”

To further make Ingraham’s point, Haugen proposed one solution of the government creating a new regulatory body staffed by Haugen and left-wing ideological fellow travelers to control what speech Facebook censored.

“If they could, some of these hardline Democrats would ban all dissenting opinions on social media. Just like China, they’d call it a threat to the social order, a threat to security, and to harmony,” Ingraham added. “This all makes sense if your goal is to maintain power by any means necessary.”

Donald Trump looks like he will run for president again in 2024.

In the 2020 election, Big Tech helped rig the election for Joe Biden through censorship.

Facebook and Twitter banned a New York Post story about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop that could have implicated Joe Biden in corrupt foreign business deals.

Democrats are worried Trump will run and win because Joe Biden’s presidency is imploding over failures on every front.

And Laura Ingraham is warning that Democrats arranged this play-acting performance with Haugen to set the stage for even more stringent censorship of conservatives in the 2024 election.