Mark Levin’s Big Warning About A Civil War Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Mark Levin is one of the biggest names on talk radio.

Levin has something important to say.

And Mark Levin’s big warning about a Civil War will leave your jaw on the ground.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Levin appeared on the Breitbart Daily News podcast and explained to host Alex Marlow that the GOP establishment was gearing up for a major fight with the GOP base over the direction of the party.

Establishment Republicans led the GOP to humiliating defeats in 2008 and 2012 whereas the conservative grassroots served as the true driving forces in the 2010, 2014 and 2016 election wins.

Levin explained that even though the Tea Party and the Donald Trump movement served as the foundations for the 2010, 2014, and 2016 victories, swamp Republicans tried to claim the wins for their own while at the same time virtue signaling to their liberal friends that they found conservatives that fought to defend traditional culture and securing the border to be icky.

“This is a bottom-up thing that’s going on, like the Tea Party was bottom-up, and one of the obstacles we always have is the Republican establishment. First of all, they take credit for all the success of the grassroots. They look upon Breitbart, or Blaze, or me; they sort of cringe at us, ‘Oh, we’re not like them,’” Levin began.

Levin moved to rip establishment Republicans for mocking talk radio hosts as entertainers and sneering at the audience who tuned in while at the same time counting on those listeners to turn out on Election Day.

“On the other hand, [Republicans receive] the benefits of what we build — the audiences, the information, the substance we provide them. [Our work] provides them with majorities often,” Levin added.

“They like the golden goose eggs, but they hate the golden goose of the conservative movement,” Levin continued.

Levin told Marlow he resented how Mitt Romney and George Bush-style Republicans tried to leech the credit for Glenn Youngkin becoming the first Republican to win the Virginia governor’s mansion since 2009.

That was not true at all.

Levin pointed out that it was parents organizing against COVID restrictions in schools, Marxist Critical Race Theory in the classroom and transgender bathrooms putting female students at risk which were the reasons Youngkin won.

On all three issues, establishment Republicans lectured conservatives to follow the science on masks and avoid culture wars out of fear Democrats would call them bigots.

Levin told Marlow he fought these RINOs his entire life and that instead of fighting the grassroots pushback against the Democrats’ radical agenda, the GOP establishment should embrace the movement and the values of the Americans that make up the conservative base.

“Enough is enough,” Levin exclaimed. “This is why I’ve been fighting these people my entire life, and I’m going to keep fighting these people my entire life. They look at Virginia. They take credit for it. No, no, no. The parents, the taxpayers, the people rose up from the bottom. There’s a movement going on right now in front of our eyes. They should embrace it. We should build on it.”

But will the GOP establishment take Levin’s advice?

For years establishment Republicans fought Donald Trump harder than they did Joe Biden.

Establishment Republicans supported Robert Mueller’s investigation, voted for a resolution condemning Donald Trump declaring a state of emergency at the southern border and even voted to impeach Donald Trump in the second impeachment farce.

If Donald Trump runs for president again establishment Republicans will throw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump to try and stop him.