Megyn Kelly Broke One Major Scoop About The FBI Raiding Donald Trump

Photo by Kristina Blokhin on Adobe Stock

The truth is starting to leak out about the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago.

It’s not good for Joe Biden.

And Megyn Kelly broke one major scoop about the FBI raiding Donald Trump.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

After the raid went down The New York Times reported that the FBI barged into Trump’s residency to search for documents Trump kept after leaving office supposedly in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

On her podcast Megyn Kelly scoffed at this cover story.

Kelly explained that Democrats were livid that every single investigation their allies in the FBI and Congress launched against Trump – the Russiagate hoax, the two sham impeachments – all failed to end with either criminal charges or banning Trump from running for office again.

In her monologue Kelly explained that Democrats played dirty and for keeps and that the political stooge Joe Biden installed as Attorney General – Merrick Garland – was doing the bidding of the rabid anti-Trump Democrat Party base.

Kelly agreed with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy that the Biden administration used the Presidential Records Act as a front to toss Mar-a-Lago for anything they can use to charge Trump with seditious conspiracy regarding the events of January 6.

In a National Review column McCarthy argued that Garland knows he doesn’t have a case against Trump regarding January 6.

During all the biased January 6 committee hearings not one witness produced any testimony or evidence that Donald Trump ordered or planned a riot on January 6.

As such, McCarthy said Garland understands charging Trump with a flimsy case would invite mass protests and destroy the legitimacy of the Justice Department for all time.

McCarthy wrote:

Because of the riot, the scheme is more condemnable, but the DOJ still can’t tie Trump to the riot. Meantime, if the DOJ were to charge Trump with anything less than a slam-dunk case, and especially on one that smacked of selective prosecution, there would be an eruption of protest. The Justice Department’s legitimacy, which hinges on the public’s acceptance of it as a non-partisan law-enforcer, would be at risk. If Garland is going to charge the former president, he has to be sure. He has to be able to convince the country that the public interest strongly favors prosecution…

…No, the Justice Department is trying to make a Capitol riot case, but Garland is not sure at this point that he has one he’s comfortable bringing. And since it would be explosive to signal that Trump is the subject of a Capitol riot investigation, the DOJ is trying to investigate him as such without saying so.