Megyn Kelly Just Had The Perfect Response To A Woman Accusing Joe Biden Of This Creepy Move

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden has a history of touching women inappropriately.

It’s even worse than you think.

And Megyn Kelly just had the perfect response to a woman accusing Joe Biden of this creepy move.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos described on Megyn Kelly’s podcast how the only time she met Biden, Biden allegedly sexually harassed her.

DeVos said the incident occurred in 2019 when she was wheelchair bound saying Biden approached her and she had “nowhere to go to or escape,” as Biden placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed “his forehead on my forehead.”

The former Education secretary told Kelly about Biden creeping on her to demonstrate the absurdity of the kangaroo court rules Biden wants to impose on college campuses to target men.

“If he had done that as a student on a college campus, under his proposed rule, I would have a Title IX sexual harassment allegation to levy against him, because of his conduct,” DeVos added.

DeVos added that Biden “is so bent on trying to politicize and weaponize a law that was meant to protect women and give them access to education, not to weaponize it to harm others.”

Kelly said that what DeVos described met the “legal definition of sexual harassment.”

“So you were basically harassed, the legal definition of sexual harassment, by Joe Biden, while in a wheelchair,” Kelly added. “That’s our takeaway here.”

Barack Obama originally imposed the Title IX campus sexual harassment and assault guidelines over a decade ago to mobilize college-educated women ahead of the 2012 election.

But the rules quickly ran amok as woke mobs on college campuses weaponized the Title IX policies to convince women consensual sex was rape and then railroad the accused male students in rigged proceedings completely devoid of due process norms such as the right to confront your accuser.

President Trump and Secretary DeVos rolled back these rules and restored some semblance of sanity to campus life.

Joe Biden long ago earned the nickname “Creepy Joe” because of his interactions with women.

Videos of Biden sniffing little girls’ hair or inappropriately caressing women went viral on social media.

When Biden first declared his candidacy in 2019 multiple women stepped forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate kissing, hugging, and touching.

Tara Reade accused Biden of digitally raping her by sticking his hand in her underwear when Reade worked for Biden as a staffer in 1993.

DeVos’ accusations fit a pattern of behavior by Joe Biden that is creepy at best and disqualifying to the point that anyone would lose their job at worst.