Megyn Kelly Revealed The One Explicit Party She Would Go To With Bill Clinton

Photo by Пресс-служба Президента России on WikiMedia Commons

Bill Clinton’s troubles with women are well known.

It’s been the subject of jokes for decades.

And Megyn Kelly revealed the one explicit party she would go to with Bill Clinton.

As Great American Daily reports:

Bill Clinton’s scandals with women are well documented.

Clinton’s problems with women led to his impeachment and hurt Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

And now Megyn Kelly said she would take up Bill Clinton on this risqué offer.

In an interview with conservative commentator Dave Rubin, Megyn Kelly revealed that there was a massive “swinger” population – couples who have an open relationship and date other people – in her home state of Connecticut.

“Here in Connecticut we did actually find out that there’s a healthy swinging population. No one’s offered to me and to Doug to swing yet, nor will that go well if they do!” Kelly said referencing her husband Doug Brunt.

Kelly then claimed that only unattractive people engaged in the swingers’ lifestyle.

“Apparently this is a growing thing, Dave. Where like, there’s like swingers everywhere. And I said to Doug, my only belief is that only unattractive people are swingers. If you’re very good looking and you marry another very good-looking person, why would you want to swing?” Kelly asked Rubin.

Rubin then took the conversation totally off track by noting that the Clintons lived near Connecticut and joked that Bill Clinton would love the swingers’ parties Kelly referenced.

“You gotta watch out up there because the Clintons live somewhere near there, right?” Rubin joked. “So you know Bill is definitely maxing out those things right now. Nobody wants a part of that, I mean he is not looking good these days.”

Kelly then claimed that if Bill and Hillary Clinton asked her and her husband to attend a swingers’ party they would only to see how far Bill and Hillary would take it.

Kelly then grossed out listeners by putting a thought in their brains that no one asked for by wondering if Hillary had a “sexual side.”

“If Bill and Hillary ask us to swing, we’re doing it. We’re not gonna see it through to the end, but we’re definitely gonna see how far are they gonna take it.  At what point is this gonna get shut down? Come on, wouldn’t you like to see does Hillary have a sexual side? There’s no way Hillary is a sexual being in any way is there?” Kelly mockingly wondered.

Rubin burst out into laughter and claimed if he responded to Kelly’s joke YouTube and SiriusXM Radio would censor Kelly’s show.

“There’s like eight things that I can say right now that would probably get us all banned from Sirius and YouTube and everything else so suffice to say I don’t wanna do it with Hillary Clinton,” Rubin responded.

If Joe Biden does not run for president – which seems very likely given his senility and dreadful poll numbers – Hillary Clinton is the likely frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for president.

But Kelly joking about Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct highlights one of the biggest vulnerabilities Clinton will face if she runs for president a third time.

And that is, the first thing many Americans associate in their minds with the Clintons is sex scandals.

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