Michelle Obama Cried Over Trump Becoming President

Photo by DFID – UK Department for International Development on Flickr

Michelle Obama was one of the most controversial First Lady’s in American history.

But Michelle Obama crossed the line with Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama cried over Donald Trump doing one simple thing.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that she suffered “uncontrollable sobbing” after President Donald Trump was inaugurated due to her resentment of the new president.

“When those doors shut, I cried for 30 minutes straight, uncontrollable sobbing, because that’s how much we were holding it together for eight years,” Obama said in a clip of her The Light Podcast.

Michelle Obama also talked about the hardship she experienced at Trump’s inauguration ceremony, because there wasn’t enough “diversity” on display.

“There were tears, there was that emotion. But then to sit on that stage and watch the opposite of what we represented on display — there was no diversity, there was no color on that stage,” Obama said. “There was no reflection of the broader sense of America.”

Michelle Obama has made it clear that she views America as a racist nation.

“As black women, we deal with it, the whole thing about do you show up with your natural hair,” Obama said during an event with Hollywood celebrity Ellen DeGeneres in November 2022. “As first lady, I did not wear braids. Being the first … yeah, we had to ease up on the people. Cause I thought about it. I was like, it would be easier. Nope, nope. They’re not ready.”

“Let me keep my hair straight,” the Martha’s Vineyard summer resident recalled thinking. “Let’s get health care passed.”

Michelle Obama also claimed that white people either don’t acknowledge black people exist, or they see them as a threat during the summer of 2020.

“What the white community doesn’t understand about being a person of color in this nation, is that there are daily slights — in our workplaces, where people talk over you, or people don’t even see you,” Michelle Obama stated in The Michelle Obama Podcast on an episode titled, The Gift of Girlfriends.

As an example of the racism that she experiences Michelle Obama recounted the story of a white woman cutting in line in front of her.

“All she saw was a black person, or a group of black people, or maybe she didn’t even see that because we were that invisible,” Michelle Obama said. “I can tell you a number of stories like that when I’ve been completely incognito, during the eight years in the White House, walking the dogs on the canal, people will come up and pet my dogs but will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me. What white folks don’t understand, it’s like, that is so telling of how white America views people who are not like them. You know, we don’t exist. And when we do exist, we exist as a threat. And that, that’s exhausting.”