Michelle Obama Has One Election Trick Up Her Sleeve That Trump Is Going To Hate

Photo by Tim Pierce on WikiMedia Commons

Michelle Obama is doing everything in her power to push Joe Biden over the finish line.

No one thought she would go this far.

Michelle Obama has one election trick up her sleeve that Trump is going to hate.

Michelle Obama is not content to deliver a speech at the Democratic National Convention and make a few high-profile campaign appearances in key states.

The former First Lady formed a group, “When We All Vote,” to run up the score for Democrats by juicing the turnout for mail-in voting.

As part of this effort, Obama will appear at a special live reunion this October for the popular early 2000s NBC hit show “The West Wing”.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

Original cast members Rob Lowe, Dulé Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford and Martin Sheen will join series creator Aaron Sorkin and director and executive producer Thomas Schlamme for the special. The special will also feature guest appearances and a message from the former first lady.

The special will feature the cast performing the season three episode “Hartsfield’s Landing” on stage, along with new material written by Sorkin for the reunion. First aired in February 2002, the episode features President Bartlet (Sheen) engaging Sam (Lowe) and Toby (Schiff) in chess games that mirror his brinksmanship with the Chinese government; Josh (Whitford) sweating the results of primary voting in a tiny New Hampshire town; and C.J. (Janney) and Charlie (Hill) facing off in a prank war.

Generation X and Millennial journalists worship “The West Wing,” in which creator Aaron Sorkin delivered an idealized version of how Bill Clinton’s presidency should have played out and how Sorkin’s dream Democrat president would have handled the challenges of the Bush administration.

In the show, impossibly smart and idealistic Democrat staffers and president would run circles around their loathsome and knuckle-dragging Republican opponents in Congress and the conservative media.

Michelle Obama understands that politics flows downstream from the culture.

That’s why during this cycle she is expanding her role beyond the stump speeches she delivered on Hillary Clinton’s behalf in 2016.

Obama is podcasting to reach nontraditional voters.

The former First Lady formed a supposedly “non-partisan” voting rights group that affiliates itself with celebrities to try and induce irregular voters to cast mail-in ballots for Democrats.

October is typically when each party unleashes their biggest arrow they kept in their quiver, saving it for the moment when voters finally decided to make up their minds in hopes of swaying them to their candidate.

Democrats failed at this in October 2016 with the Access Hollywood tape which was eclipsed by James Comey announcing the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton illegally sending classified information over a private email server one week before Election Day.

Democrats are hoping that with more ballots being cast early and by mail, Michelle Obama’s Hollywood gambit will pay off big.

(h/t Great American Daily)