Michelle Obama Made A Confession About Joe Biden That No One Saw Coming

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Joe Biden is expecting Michelle Obama’s support to play a central role in his campaign strategy this fall.

But Obama may have just done more harm than good.

Michelle Obama made a confession about Joe Biden that no one saw coming.

Liberals understand that politics flows downstream from the culture.

To that end, former First Lady Michelle Obama started a podcast where she introduces audiences to her left-wing talking points in a supposedly nonpolitical setting.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Michelle Obama explained how the Democrats could leverage the pandemic to enact a massive redistribution of wealth.

“And that’s something that we need to, that’s a part of that reflection, that we need to do, you know. With ourselves, and, and as a community. And we have to think about that, in terms of how wealth is distributed,” Obama exclaimed.

Obama’s view on the matter was extreme given that the former First Lady advocated allowing illegal aliens access to taxpayer funded welfare programs.

“I mean we have to think about this. We have to think about the people who are not from this country, who are essential workers. A lot of those folks are still out in the fields picking our corn, and making sure that that food is in our grocery stores, and working in these meatpacking plants, to ensure that the, that the cow that was slaughtered, gets into our bellies,” Obama added.

The former First Lady then pitched Joe Biden’s plan of four trillion dollars in tax increases as a necessity.

Obama told her listeners that it wasn’t enough to express sympathy for those less fortunate, and that to achieve true “justice,” Americans needed to support the largest redistribution of wealth in American history.

“It’s not enough to just acknowledge that the pain exists, to acknowledge the struggle, we actually have power we can, we can change so much of what we do, we can sacrifice a little more, we can, we can shift priorities, uh, and not just in our own lives, cause it’s not enough, to just do it in your own life if you’re not willing to do it in our broader policy. You know, if that, if that, if those conversations aren’t going to happen, then we’re just giving lip service to it. You know,” Obama added.

Democrats are making no bones about what they intend to do if they win total power this November.

In addition to Joe Biden’s tax increases, Bernie Sanders just proposed what amounted to a 60 trillion dollar wealth tax.

If Joe Biden wins in November – and should his coattails extend to sweeping the Democrats into a Senate majority – they will remake America into a socialist nation like Venezuela.

Michelle Obama told Americans as much in her podcast.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)