Michelle Obama Was Outted By The Last Person She Ever Suspected

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

The fake news media paints a very misleading picture about Michelle Obama.

But there is one lie that just got revealed.

And Michelle Obama was outted by the last person she ever suspected.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” was a smash hit.

By March of this year, “Becoming” sold 10 million copies.

The former First Lady embarked on a massive tour to promote the book and Netflix even produced a documentary series about the memoir.

It added to the fake news media mythology that Michelle Obama was the most beautiful, best dressed, talented and intelligent First Lady ever to grace Washington.

But that image suffered a body blow in a shocking anecdote in a New York Times story about Barack Obama.

The Times’ puff piece tried to portray Obama as reluctantly engaging in the 2020 campaign rather than telling the truth that Obama is a political arsonist that undermined the sitting President at every turn and now stokes racial strife to undermine Donald Trump’s electoral prospects.

In the story,The Times reported that Barack Obama fell behind on publishing his own memoir in part because the former President allegedly wrote every word of Michelle Obama’s book.

The Times reported:

“She had a ghostwriter,” Mr. Obama told a friend who asked about his wife’s speedy work. “I am writing every word myself, and that’s why it’s taking longer.”

At no time did Michelle Obama suggest she didn’t write her book or that she had help.

Americans are learning by accident in The New York Times that Barack Obama allegedly ‘wrote every word’ of a book billed as the work of his wife.

The Obamas are getting filthy rich trading off their time in the White House.

Penguin Random House signed Barack and Michelle Obama to a joint deal worth 65 million dollars for their memoirs.

And the streaming giant Netflix reached a deal with the Obamas for an untold amount – rumored to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars – for the Obamas’ production company to produce documentary and scripted content.

These deals allow the Obamas a massive platform to infect the pop culture bloodstream with left-wing propaganda.

One reason the left is successful in advancing their agenda is they understand that politics is downstream from the culture.

Homosexual marriage was once considered a fringe idea.

But TV shows such as “Ellen” and “Will and Grace” desensitize the public to the homosexual political agenda and now public opinion polls show overwhelming majorities of Americans support homosexual marriage.

The Obamas hope to have a similar effect on America, as well as getting stinking rich in the process.

By all accounts, they are well on their way to success.