Mike Pence Could Not Believe What He Saw When He Turned On Fox News

Photo by James McNellis on Flickr

Mike Pence’s political fortunes are changing before his very eyes.

The former Vice President thought he was Donald Trump’s heir apparent.

Mike Pence could not believe what he saw when he turned on Fox News.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Former Vice President Pence continued his re-emergence in American politics with a speech before the Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit.

While Pence was speaking, several hecklers shouted “traitor” at Pence before security ushered them out of the room.

“Pence gets drowned out by hecklers at the Faith & Freedom Coalition summit, some of whom appear to be chanting ‘traitor!’” Forbes reporter Andrew Solender reported.

This abuse stemmed from the fact that Donald Trump and a chunk of his supporters thought Pence had the power to reject Electoral College results Trump claimed Biden won because of fraud.

Pence stated that the Constitution gave him no such power, and that his role on January 6 was merely ceremonial.

This rift between Trump and Pence threatens Pence’s 2024 presidential campaign by walling off Pence from a significant portion of Donald Trump’s base as well as increasing the chances Trump works against Pence’s campaign.

But Pence still has support in quarters of the Republican Party.

The downside is that the Republicans that stand by Pence are establishment Republicans that Trump’s base does not trust.

In an appearance on “Fox News Primetime,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy defended Pence.

Host Brian Kilmeade – who is a big supporter of Donald Trump – asked McCarthy,“Is Mike Pence a traitor?”

“Mike Pence is not a traitor,” McCarthy answered.

McCarthy expanded upon that answer stating that Pence served in Congress as a conservative for 12 years before winning the gubernatorial election in Indiana and Donald Trump selecting him as his running mate.

“Mike Pence served as not only as a member of Congress [during] which I served with him, one of the most conservative members. He was the governor of Indiana. And he was the vice president, stood right by President Trump, helped him get through the tax reform, get those judges in,” McCarthy explained. “Mike Pence deserves a lot of credit.”

Pence tried to walk this political tightrope by not criticizing Trump or his supporters over their reaction to January 6.

The farthest Pence will go is stating that he and Trump “won’t see eye to eye” on Pence’s role on January 6.

Pence also defended Trump supporters on that day declaring that the corporate media can’t use one day to smear the over 74,000,000 Americans that supported the MAGA movement.

But the fact remains that until Donald Trump offers public rapprochement with Pence, establishment Republicans like Kevin McCarthy sticking up for Pence will not resuscitate Mike Pence’s presidential aspirations.