Mike Pence Is About To Make The One Challenge To Donald Trump That No One Thought They Would Ever See

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The gloves are off in the feud between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

What is about to happen is unprecedented.

Mike Pence is about to make the one challenge to Donald Trump that no one thought they would ever see.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is not deterred by Trump preparing to announce he is a candidate for president.

In fact, Pence is preparing for his own presidential campaign.

Pence traveled to key early states like South Carolina.

And Pence is taking on Trump by endorsing an establishment moderate in the Arizona gubernatorial primary directly opposing Trump’s endorsed candidate.

Those moves culminated with the Washington Post reporting that Pence’s aides believe Pence will take on Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

The Washington Post reported:

A six-term congressman and former governor of Indiana, Pence spent nearly five years as Trump’s obsequious sidekick — a quiet badge of conservative credibility next to the volatile political newcomer, always ready with a display of fealty or a look of solemn assent. But in the 18 months since the two men split, Pence has flipped a switch, returning to the path he was on before he began praising Trump in their private chats on the golf course. Pence wants everyone to know that he is once again his own man — and his team is looking to reintroduce him ahead of a possible 2024 presidential bid.

Advisers and allies say they think Pence is likely to run, and insist he will not base his decision on whether Trump chooses to run again.

Former White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway also worked for Pence when Conway was a political consultant prior to running Trump’s victorious 2016 presidential campaign.

Conway thinks Pence is acting like a presidential candidate and it is only a matter of “when” Pence makes the plunge.

“Pence is making moves as if he’s a future presidential candidate, which I truly believe he is,” Conway told the Post. “The question is whether that’s 2024 or 2028. He’s in demand and on message, and those two things are incredibly important and are what impress people.”

Pence and Trump are no longer on speaking terms.

Trump argued Pence could have rejected certified Electoral College results at the Joint Session of Congress on January 6.

But Pence was bound by the Constitution to merely count the votes.

However, Pence became increasingly critical of Trump since leaving office.

Earlier this year Pence lied about Trump smearing President Trump as a Putin apologist.

Pence knows a large segment of Trump’s base will never vote for him.

So Pence tried to outflank Trump as the establishment moderate by lying about Trump’s position towards Putin.

A former president and vice president have never faced each other in a primary nominating contest.

Like so much of Donald Trump’s political career, this will make history.