Mike Pence Just Hit Donald Trump With This Nasty Surprise

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Mike Pence just went there.

It’s going to be all-out war between Pence and Donald Trump.

And Mike Pence just hit Donald Trump with this nasty surprise.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

By all indications, Donald Trump is preparing to run for re-election in 2024.

Yet former Vice President Mike Pence continues to lay groundwork for a presidential campaign of his own.

With every new step, Pence makes it clear that he plans to challenge Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination.

The relationship between Pence and Trump fractured beyond repair after Pence refused to reject Electoral College results from states Donald Trump claimed were arrived at by voter fraud.

Pence put that break with Trump front and center of his burgeoning presidential campaign.

The latest move by Pence to prep the ground for a 2024 White House bid was Pence releasing the “American Freedom Agenda.”

In a conference call with reporters Pence put his “American Freedom Agenda” in implied contrast to Donald Trump claiming elections were about putting forth a forward-looking policy agenda.

Donald Trump believes the 2020 election and Trump’s claims of fraud serve as a rallying cry to motivate his base to turnout in the 2024 election.

Pence attacked that idea as playing into the media’s hands.

“Elections are about the future, and frankly the opposition would love nothing more for conservatives to talk about the past or to talk of the mess they’ve made of the president,” Pence began.

Pence added he believed that Republicans could win in 2022 and 2024 by contrasting the failures of the Biden administration with a policy agenda designed to correct those blunders and make the public’s lives better.

“And I think by relentlessly focusing on the future we can stop the radical left, we can turn this country around, we can win the Congress and state houses back in 2022, and we can win back America in 2024 and beyond,” Pence continued.

Pence also found another area to attack Donald Trump.

In the “American Freedom Agenda,” Pence furthered the media lies about how Donald Trump was soft on Russia.

The agenda read “Russia harms American interests by threatening American allies,” and in addition “Putin undermines freedom and democracy at home and abroad.”

Pence highlighted Russia to get the media to contrast Pence’s tough talk about Russia to Trump’s supposed “soft” stance on Putin.

That is a lie.

There was no president since Ronald Reagan that took a tougher line on Russia than Donald Trump.

Trump modernized America’s nuclear arsenal, pulled the United States out of arms control treaties, and beefed up the nation’s military.

Pence is planning to run against Donald Trump in 2024.

It would be an unprecedented contest between a president and his vice president.

And Pence just showed with his implied attack on Trump about Russia that he plans on using corporate media talking points to go after Trump.