Mike Pence May Take One Job No One Ever Expected

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

It’s assumed that Mike Pence wants to run for President in 20204.

That may not come to be.

And Mike Pence may take one job no one ever expected.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Mike Pence made his first public appearance since leaving office as Pence tries to lay the groundwork for a 2024 presidential campaign.

The foundation of Pence’s theory of the case for 2024 was that Pence served for years as Donald Trump’s loyal second-in-command which positions Pence as the natural heir for Trump’s movement.

But POLITICO reports that Donald Trump and his aides largely have moved on.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Trump entertained the idea of naming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate in 2024 if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

“A lot of people like that — I’m just saying what I read and what you read, they love that ticket,” Trump told Bartiromo. “But certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

Trump aides were even more dismissive of Pence.

“The Vice President’s foray into 2024 politics will be met with a more reserved golf clap,” a former Trump administration official told POLITICO.

Another aide explained that Pence served no purpose as Trump’s running mate in 2024.

“I like Mike Pence. I think he was a great VP. A great guy,” a former aide stated. “But the reality is a large portion of the Trump base doesn’t like him or care about him. He wasn’t a liability [in 2020]. But was he an asset? Sure. He could give good interviews. But his ability to attract new voters wasn’t really there.”

Trump selected Pence in 2016 to act as a bridge to skeptical evangelical Christian voters that make up the base of the Republican Party.

Back then,evangelicals were skeptical that the twice-divorced, former Democrat, Manhattan real estate mogul would fight for their values.

But after Donald Trump spent four years serving as the most pro-life President in American history, evangelical Christians make up the core of Trump’s support.

Therefore, if Trump wanted to attract new voters, Pence does not add anything to the ticket.

Another former advisor told POLITICO that if Pence ran for president he would be a top-tier candidate, but that he would not be surprised if, when 2024 rolled around, Pence served as the President of the Heritage Foundation instead.

“I think if Pence got into a Trumpless field he’d be a top-tier candidate but he wouldn’t be the only top-tier candidate,” the former Trump aide stated. “Would it surprise me to see Mike Pence heading up Heritage instead of running for president or being the GOP nominee in 2024? No.”

There may be something to that.

The conservative Heritage Foundation named him a distinguished visiting fellow and Pence has written op-eds for their Daily Signal website.

Donald Trump’s relationship with Pence fractured after January 6 when Pence certified the results of the 2020 election.

Trump believes Pence should have rejected the results from states that Trump claimed were illegitimate because of fraud.

Pence may see that there is no future for him in the Republican Party if Trump will openly oppose his bid and look elsewhere for a new path to political relevance.