Mike Pence Went on Fox News and No One Could Believe What Happened Next

Fox News continues to alarm viewers with a leftward drift during the impeachment witch hunt.

But one recent event was the final straw for many Americans.

And that’s because Mike Pence went on Fox News and no one could believe what happened next.

As Great American Daily reports:

After President Trump announced a U.S. military operation that resulted in the death of ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Vice President Mike Pence made the rounds on the Sunday shows.

Pence dove head first into the belly of the beast knowing full well the fake and corrupt news media was furious President Trump gave the order that resulted in the biggest U.S. military victory in the war on terror since the death of Osama bin Laden.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace proved that the media would nitpick the event to try and tear down Donald Trump’s accomplishment.

In his interview with the Vice President, Wallace seized on a comment the President made about how he did not inform House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of the raid ahead of time because the President rightly feared leaks while troops were in harm’s way.

Wallace twisted this common sense approach to attack the President as a paranoid lunatic.

“Does the president not trust the Speaker of the House with sensitive national security information?” Wallace asked Pence.

Pence brushed off Wallace’s silly gotcha question by simply stating that for a mission this important keeping the circle of who was in the know was paramount for operational safety.

“We maintain the tightest possible security here and when we got the confirmation on Saturday that al-Baghdadi was on site and our troops began to move into the region as the president said, our aircraft were moving over some very potentially hostile areas.” Pence continued, “We wanted them to be able to get in and get out, it’s a dangerous mission on the ground. They went with the resolve in the determination as president to bring al-Baghdadi to justice but they also went with our prayers and I just couldn’t be more proud. When they were wheels up out of country, no American casualties and al-Baghdadi is dead.”

That wasn’t good enough for Wallace who continued to press the Vice President.

But Pence refused to play games.

“I  just want to emphasize the president’s focus here throughout particularly the last several days was on the mission to bring a man who was the most wanted man in the world, a man who had brought unspeakable violence through the ISIS caliphate, who was exporting violence throughout the world to justice and that combined with ensuring the safety of our forces coming in from executing the mission and moving out was the president’s directive throughout this effort and I know it animated every decision that he made along the way,” Pence stated.

Supporters contend President Trump exercised sound judgment and caution in not informing Pelosi and Schiff ahead of time.

Schiff is one of the most prodigious leakers in Washington and has burnt any shred of credulity he has.

Pelosi is overseeing a politically fraught impeachment process and she could have leaked details of the mission to tank it in order to deny Trump a victory that would throw Democrats seeking to impeach the President back on their heels.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.