Nancy Mace Supports Joe Biden’s Gun Control

Photo by Jm817 on WikiMedia Commons licensed under licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Conservatives keep finding out they cannot trust the party establishment.

Swamp Republicans keep finding ways to help Joe Biden.

And this RINO traitor committed an unthinkable betrayal that will make your blood boil.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Now that conservatives bounced Liz Cheney out of Congress and Adam Kinzinger retired because he was afraid of losing a primary, the biggest RINO in the House GOP conference is South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace.

Every time Mace appears on television, she attacks conservatives and fires off talking points that would be indistinguishable from Joe Biden.

Mace’s latest broadside against conservatives was declaring her support for helping Joe Biden ram through a national gun registration database.

“Republicans can no longer be silent on this issue,” Mace began.

“And it’s not about the Second Amendment. There are plenty of things that we can be doing besides offering prayers in silence, some sort of Amber Alert, for example, to let the community know there’s been a shooting. Strengthening our background checks is something that the vast majority of Americans support. Hardening our schools, churches and synagogues so that there is deterrence so that when a shooter or potential mass shooter enters a place that they know that maybe they’re not going to make it through because there’s bulletproof doors, bulletproof windows, you know, those kinds of common sense things are all things that every American on either side of the aisle can get behind.”

Mace’s comments came in response to the transgender domestic terrorist who targeted a Christian school for an attack just days before a scheduled “transgender day of rage.”

Instead of addressing the real issue – the growing danger of the left’s rhetoric around transgender issues – Mace seized on the tragedy to help Democrats push their anti-gun agenda.

The only reason Democrats want a record of every firearm transaction in American is so if ever the day arrives where they have the votes and the judges to pass total gun confiscation, they’ll know exactly which houses to go to and how many firearms are located inside.

Mace also claimed that unless Republicans embraced gun control, voters would supposedly view the GOP as extremists.

“But yet every time there’s a mass shooting and they’re increasing every year, every week, we just we don’t say anything, want to bury our heads in the sand and hope that it goes away. But guess what? It’s not going away,” Mace stated.

Mace tied her desire to gut the Second Amendment to her full-throated support for abortion falsely claiming Republicans needed to moderate on the Second Amendment and the Pro-Life cause.

“We’ve not learned anything from the midterm elections if we’re going to sit here on our hands silently, not offering any type of solution to reduce gun violence in our country,” Mace declared.