Nancy Pelosi Is Facing A Major Betrayal By One Surprising Group

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is regarded by the fake news as invincible.

But in 2020 anything is possible.

Now Nancy Pelosi is facing a major betrayal by one surprising group.

As Conservative Revival reports:

The Speaker of the House is facing some major pushback from her own party this past week concerning the coronavirus relief bill.

This is the fourth time in a row the Democrats have held up the passing of this bill.

Their excuse?

They aren’t getting exactly what they want.

President Trump has agreed to approve a larger sum of money for the bill than he previously had, but Pelosi is having none of it.

Unless Trump agrees to pass the bill exactly as they have stated it, the Democrats will continue to prevent its passing.

Pelosi has stuck to her claim that this was for the benefit of the people, saying that she wanted to get as much help out as possible.

But now it appears that not even the Democrats believe that anymore.

Politico Playbook newsletter released this statement:

“ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, the clutch of middle-of-the-road Democrats who made PELOSI speaker suggested her strategy in the Covid relief negotiations was not working. Change course, they urged, to help break the monthslong logjam. It was a rare wave of on-the-record discontent with PELOSI, who typically rules her caucus with an iron fist. With talks on ice and Congress on the brink of leaving town, her leadership team started to mull whether they should schedule a series of votes to quell the uprising. They seemed frozen.”

For the Democrats, this latest setback in the bill is pushing them further away from trusting Pelosi.

With so many out of work and so many more struggling to make ends meet in this uncertain time, it seems almost cruel to withhold aid, however small.

But the real question is, what will happen to Pelosi after the election?

Her once iron grip on the Democrats is fading fast and it is unlikely she can gain it back.

It appears that the Democrats are uncertain if they want to keep following Pelosi and continue this ridiculous stalemate or abandon her and let AOC step in to rule.

AOC has gained significant power within her own party in a short amount of time, but the Republicans have decided they would rather deal with the demon they know than one they don’t.

With the amount of uncertainty this year has caused, many people would prefer to stick with the old than try and embrace the new.

Thus, if Trump is elected and more Republicans gain positions of power, it is likely Pelosi will keep her reign.

If Biden is elected, it is very likely she will be kicked to curb in favor of AOC.