Nancy Pelosi Just Showed How Much She Despises The Military With This Huge Insult

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Nancy Pelosi is in big trouble.

This is entirely a mess of her own making.

And Nancy Pelosi just showed how much she despises the military with this huge insult.

As Conservative Revival reports:

ISIS suicide bombers murdered 13 American service members – 12 Marines and one Navy corpsman in the deadliest day for the U.S. military in Afghanistan since August 5, 2011.

Unbelievably, Nancy Pelosi’s only public statement for hours after the attack were a series of tweets about Women’s Equality Day.

Pelosi wrote:

Despite progress, women across the nation still face barriers to full equality: from shameful pay disparities to the unfair economic impacts of the pandemic to the brazen assault on the right to vote. At this moment, Democrats are committed to Building Back Better with Women.

We also remember the many heroic women of color, too often unsung, who carried on the fight for decades more to overcome discrimination and injustice to win fair access to the ballot for every community.

More than a century ago, after generations of marching and fighting, courageous suffragists finally won full and equal citizenship and representation in our democracy with the adoption of the 19th Amendment. We honor those who moved our nation closer toward full equality for all.

It took Pelosi several more hours after these Women’s Day tweets to put out a statement condemning the terrorist attacks that murdered 13 American military members.

Critics contend Pelosi maintained radio silence for hours on Afghanistan so as not to show up Joe Biden.

Biden spent hours hiding away from the public and not making any comment on Afghanistan until staging a bizarre and embarrassing press conference a little after 5PM where a clearly struggling Biden faltered through his remarks as he struggled to speak at a proper speed and exuded an attitude of defeat.

Pelosi finally released a statement on Afghanistan after the Biden administration announced when Biden would address the nation.

Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal plan left citizens behind while first withdrawing the military and abandoning the crucial Bagram Air Force base created the conditions that led to the military taking up an exposed position at Kabul Airport while depending on the Taliban to provide security.

Biden’s incompetent plan led to the most humiliating defeat and retreat in American military history.

Back in July, Biden promised an orderly withdrawal that Biden hoped would coincide with the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

That politically motivated decision helped set the stage for this fiasco by removing the military in the middle of the Taliban’s fighting season.

Democrats did not want to be out in front defending the indefensible and even a party stalwart like Nancy Pelosi chose to take the barbs for remaining silent rather than be seen getting out ahead of whatever spin the White House cooked up.