Nancy Pelosi Secretly Told These Democrats When She Plans To Retire

Photo by Brookings Institution on Flickr

Nancy Pelosi’s time in congress is running out.

The only question is when she heads for the exits.

And Nancy Pelosi secretly told these Democrats when she plans to retire.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Nancy Pelosi is struggling.

Pelosi oversaw double digit losses in the House of Representatives in the 2020 election despite Pelosi predicting to donors that Democrats would win 15 to 20 seats.

Now Pelosi missed multiple deadlines to hold votes on Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending spree as Pelosi cannot bridge the Civil War between swing seat Democrats and socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In the midst of this chaos Pelosi let word slip out that she was planning on staying in Congress and leading the Democrats through the 2024 election.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signaled to party leaders that she plans on sticking around through the 2024 election and is praying the lingering shadow of former President Trump will help Democrats defend their slim House majority in the midterm elections next year,” the Washington Times reports.

This would be a major reversal for Pelosi and prove her a liar.

When Democrats won the majority in 2018, Pelosi agreed to only serve two terms as Speaker through 2022 in order to secure the votes of socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

“Over the summer, I made it clear that I see myself as a bridge to the next generation of leaders, a recognition of my continuing responsibility to mentor and advance new Members into positions of power and responsibility in the House Democratic Caucus,” A Pelosi statement from 2018 read. “I am comfortable with the proposal and it is my intention to abide by it whether it passes or not.”

Pelosi’s leak was likely strategic.

If swing seat and socialist Democrats do not believe she will be around after 2022, Pelosi has no leverage over them.

Pelosi letting word leak out that she intends to stay on past the 2022 midterms eliminates the idea she is a lame duck speaker that can’t corral, cajole or threaten members into falling into line to pass these two socialist spending bills.

Nancy Pelosi never wanted her retirement plans to leak because it would sabotage the Democrats’ chances in the 2022 midterms.

If Pelosi announced her retirement before the election it would the equivalent of waiving the white flag of surrender for Democrats.

Rank-and-file party members would take Pelosi’s retirement as a sign that Democrats chances in the midterms were hopeless, and it would depress turnout.

Now Pelosi is leaking that she plans to stay in Congress longer than she promised to keep her caucus in line.

In both cases it is a sign of weakness for Pelosi.