Nancy Pelosi smiled when she heard this one sentence

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

It was music to Nancy Pelosi’s ears.

Conservatives will not be happy.

And Nancy Pelosi smiled when she heard this one sentence.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Everyone is predicting a Republican landslide next November.

But Democrats may have one ace up their sleeve.

And then Democrats heard four words that could keep Nancy Pelosi in power in 2022.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers began to slide this summer when Biden reimposed mask mandates and ordered schools to abuse children by forcing them to wear masks for 8 to 11 hours a day in the classroom.

Biden promised to “crush” the virus.

Instead, Biden teamed with the tyrannical Dr. Fauci to gradually increase restrictions such as new vaccine mandates to impose a state of permanent pandemic on America.

The decline in Biden’s poll numbers accelerated as the American people understood Biden lied to them and there is no way the government can eradicate an airborne respiratory virus.

Rather, Biden really intended to exploit the pandemic to impose a series of power grabs to control the population by eliminating medical freedom and restricting the rights of anyone that disobeyed Dr. Fauci.

Now some polls show Republicans with a 10-point lead on the generic ballot question of which party Americans prefer to see controlling Congress.

And that is leading to panic among Democrats facing the voters in 2022.

Some are recalibrating.

Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis is a conventional leftist presiding over a blue state.

Polis is running for re-election next year and Polis completely broke with Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci by announcing the end of any mask mandate in Colorado.

In the announcement, Polis spoke the four words that Democrats refuse to acknowledge – even if they could bail them out politically.

Governor Polis told the public “the emergency is over.”

Polis added that vaccines and other treatments were widely available to prevent serious illnesses so there was no reason for the government to impose mitigation measures.

“Public health [officials] would say to always wear a mask because it decreases flu and decreases [other airborne illnesses]. But that’s not something that you require; you don’t tell people what to wear. You don’t tell people to wear a jacket when they go out in winter and force them to [wear it]. If they get frostbite, it’s their own darn fault. If you haven’t been vaccinated, that’s your choice. I respect that. But it’s your fault when you’re in the hospital with COVID,” Polis added.

The only chance Democrats have not to suffer a massive wipeout next year is to just announce America is returning to 2019 life.

But Democrats still lashed themselves to Dr. Fauci’s biomedical tyranny.

In New York, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul overrated to the mild omicron variant by reimposing the state’s mask mandate.

“I share New Yorkers’ frustration that we are not past this pandemic, but the winter surge is here & we must take action. Starting Monday through January 15, businesses will have the option to implement either a vaccine or mask requirement,” Hochul wrote on social media.

The longer Democrats wed themselves to mask and vaccine mandates the more elections they will lose.