Nancy Pelosi Took Everyone By Surprise With This Plan To Leave Congress

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The clock is ticking on Nancy Pelosi’s career in politics.

But no one thought this is the way it would end.

Nancy Pelosi took everyone by surprise with this plan to leave Congress.

As Great American Daily reports:

Republicans are favored to win control of the House of Representatives next year.

The GOP needs to flip just five seats to reclaim the majority and swing district Democrats retiring, Republicans’ control of more seats in the redistricting process, and the GOP voter enthusiasm in a Texas special election all point to a GOP wave election next fall.

With Pelosi apparently on pace to become the first Speaker to lose control of Congress twice, some are wondering if Pelosi will head for the exits.

In an interview on “PBS NewsHour,” host Judy Woodruff asked Pelosi if she would stay on for another term as Speaker.

It appeared Pelosiwas going to announce retirement plans when she began to say “I fully intend,” but Pelosi stopped herself.

“Well let’s take it one step at a time. I myself had thought I was leaving in 2016 when Hillary Clinton would be the president of the United States, but I don’t have any intention of declaring myself a lame duck. But nonetheless, if my husband and my children or my grandchildren are listening, I fully intend … we want to do some great things in this election. And many of our some of our members are running for higher office so confident are they that the Democrats will prevail,” Pelosi told Woodruff.

When Democrats won control of the House in 2018, Pelosi faced a rebellion on the left and some skepticism from Democrats that won seats in Trump districts.

To quell the uprising and win the Speaker’s gavel, Pelosi promised to serve only two more terms.

That timetable puts this term as Pelosi’s last as Speaker, and likely her last in Congress.

But Pelosi hesitated on announcing her retirement for good reason.

Before the 2018 midterms House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his retirement.

Ryan’s retirement announcement outraged Donald Trump and other conservatives who thought Ryan was surrendering before the election and sending the message to the party’s rank-and-file that the election was lost and it was not worth showing up to vote.

Pelosi was not about to make that mistake.

Even though every signal she sent indicates that Pelosi will step down following the 2022 election, Pelosi does not want to depress Democrat voter turnout.

Democrats are also defending their majority in the Senate as well.

Republicans only need to net a gain of one Senate seat to reclaim the majority.

A Pelosi retirement announcement would not just put the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives at risk.

Election forecasters believe It would also increase Republican chances of ousting Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.