Nancy Pelosi Was Blindsided By A Massive Setback That Left Democrats Shaken

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Things are not going well for Democrats.

The 2020 election did not turn out at all like they had hoped.

And Nancy Pelosi was blindsided by a massive setback that left Democrats shaken.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

California has long been the core of the Democrat Party.

Left trends like the radical homosexual agenda, amnesty for illegal aliens and so-called “global warming” hysteria all originated in the Golden State and then infected the nation’s politics.

But in 2020 it was the Democrats on the wrong end of a California trend that could spell doom for the left.

In the 2020 election, the GOP won back three congressional seats held by Democrats in suburban districts that all the experts thought were lost for a generation when Democrats flipped them in 2018.

Add that to Mike Garcia’s special election win last May and the GOP won four seats total—the first time since 1998 that Republicans gained seats in California.

Republicans ousting four Democrat incumbents in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard formed the bedrock of the red wave that led to the GOP cutting the Democrats’ House majority to its slimmest majority since World War 2.

POLITICO reported, “In May, when Rep. Mike Garcia won a special House election in suburban Los Angeles, it was the first time since 1998 that the GOP had flipped a Democratic-held House seat in the state. It had been even longer, since 1994, that Republicans took out an incumbent House member. Yet in the election this month, they have already done that three times — with Republican Michelle Steel beating Democratic Rep. Harley Rouda in a coastal Orange County district, Republican Young Kim dispatching Rep. Gil Cisneros, and former Rep. David Valadao defeating Democratic Rep. TJ Cox to reclaim his Central Valley seat.”

Current and former party chairs celebrated the wins.

“The pendulum is swinging back,” former party chair Jim Brulte exclaimed. “For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. That’s not just physics. It’s also political. And I think you’ve started to see the reaction to total Democrat control in California.”

Current party chair Jessica Millan Patterson declared that these wins laid to rest the myth that Republicans could not win in California in high turnout presidential elections.

Patterson said Democrats used to say “you guys could only win because we had record low turnout, or you guys can win in a special election, but not in a general,” Patterson stated.

 “This should be a real wakeup call for California Democrats. … We had record-high turnout, and we were able to flip … possibly four congressional seats,” Patterson concluded.

In 2020 every seat the Republicans flipped from Democrats, the party ran a woman, a minority or a veteran.

That was true in Orange County, which used to be the bastion of California Republicanism when the state formed the cornerstone of the national Republican coalition that dominated Republican politics from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan.

In 2018 Democrats won those races as the suburbs moved left and “experts” claimed the Republicans were shut out of the diversifying suburbs.

But like so many “expert” predictions in the age of Donald Trump, these forecasts of Democratic dominance blew up in the left’s faces.