Nancy Pelosi Was Floored By The Results Of This Devastating Poll

Photo by U.S. Embassy Ghana on Flickr

The political winds are beginning to shift.

That is not good news for the Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi was floored by the results of this devastating poll.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as speaker of the House is almost certainly set to run out next January, if the results of a new shocking poll of battleground districts across the country end up panning out in November.

The result of four years of uninterrupted rule by Pelosi on Capitol Hill has produced a nationwide backlash against her policies.

This, combined with Joe Biden’s own steep unpopularity and failed record on everything from Afghanistan to inflation, has driven many voters to a point of no return.

And while they can’t throw Biden out of office yet, they can certainly do so against Pelosi and her Democrat followers in D.C., and all signs suggest that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

The New York Sun reports, “MAGA policies may be out, if you listen to President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and every other Democrat — who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on negative campaign ads aimed at Republican candidates — but, according to a recent eye-opening poll, those very same policies are very much in, as far as common-sense Americans are concerned. 

“Hold on to your hats for this one: An ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters shows that Republicans are 21 points up against Democrats in battleground districts across the country. That’s right, 21 points. These aren’t even just likely voters — they are registered voters — and many key pollsters think Republican voters don’t even want to answer polling surveys because the FBI might take their cellphones away.”

The entire concept of the “shy Republican voter” first emerged in the 2016 election cycle when all the polls showed that Donald Trump would lose in a landslide against Hillary Clinton.

Instead, Trump won the largest Electoral College victory of any Republican since 1988.

Then again, in 2020, it seemed like Republicans were heading for disaster and that Trump would end up losing even reliable Republican strongholds like Texas.

That too didn’t end up happening, and it proved that America’s polling industry has routinely under-reported the number of Republicans out there, largely because many conservatives have been afraid to reveal their political beliefs in recent years as woke corporations have teamed up with the radical Left to silence their voices online and in the public sphere.

It seems the exact same phenomenon is happening yet again, as poll after poll routinely ignores Republican strength under the surface.

But one recent poll from ABC News and the Washington Post of all places has corrected for the “shy Republican effect,” and the results are stunning.