Nancy Pelosi Will Be Furious When She Finds Out How Elizabeth Warren Just Insulted Her

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

There is dissension in the ranks on the left.

Tensions exploded in full view.

And Nancy Pelosi will be furious when she finds out how Elizabeth Warren just insulted her.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

As the polling situation for Democrats gets worse by the day some are finally starting to begrudgingly acknowledge reality.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of those Democrats.

On the Pod Save America podcast Warren spoke to the growing reality among Democrats that the failure to curb inflation would sink the party in the midterm elections.

At first, Warren tried to defend the $1.9 trillion socialist spending bill that Democrats rammed through Congress last March falsely claiming it was COVID relief money.

In reality, less than 10 percent of the bill was spent on actual COVID relief.

The rest was so-called “stimulus” that even liberal economists warned would overheat the economy and cause inflation.

“We got out there, just about a year ago right now, and passed what was called the American Rescue package. And you may remember, it was a lot of money, but it was money that went into vaccines and the — kind of the community health center way of getting distribution out, it was money that went into getting our schools open again and making sure they would have the resources to do that, and it was money that went into small businesses to keep those little businesses open and to keep jobs open, and it worked. People have jobs. And that 7 million figure, that’s not just an abstraction,” Warren began.

But Warren did not want to look completely out of touch and admitted that the socialist spending bill – which Warren supported – helped trigger inflation.

“And yes, putting that money in at the same time that you then turned around and hit shifts in demand because of the pandemic, supply chain kinks because of the pandemic,” Warren added.

Of course, Warren sounded that truth with gaslighting and lies about how Vladimir Putin and corporations were the root causes of inflation spiking to 8.5%.

“Putin both driving up the cost of oil and the cost of wheat and soy and other things that are produced in Ukraine, but the other one is watching the giant corporations, particularly where there’s a lot of concentration,” Warren continued. “These giant corporations said, everyone’s talking about price increases. This, they saw it, was their chance to pass along costs…but to take another dollop on the price scale and just boost their profits. So, we’ve got all these companies that are at record profits, and because of increased concentration, there’s no way to compete those prices back down. So, you’ve got these multiple threads running through here.”

Democrats are now in a circular firing squad over inflation.

Joe Biden blames Vladimir Putin for rising prices.

Elizabeth Warren pegged part of the blame on Joe Biden.

And as the Democrats fracture over inflation their prospects in the midterm election will only grow more perilous.