New Poll Shows Massive Opposition to Biden Running in 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular presidents in history.

The depth of the resistance to Biden is stunning.

And Joe Biden saw this brutal new poll that will have him sweating bullets.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

A new CNN poll has completely destroyed the conventional wisdom surrounding the 2024 election.

Ever since Donald Trump left office, the Democrats, media, and Never-Trumpers in the GOP establishment all promoted the propaganda that the events of January 6, Trump’s impeachments, and the bogus indictments Democrat prosecutors whipped up against him tarred Trump as radioactive and unelectable.

But those delusions all evaporated in the wake of one CNN poll which found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch.

Trump’s lead over Biden all connects to the fact that voters view Biden as a senile failure in office who’s made their lives worse.

A supermajority of Democrats want a new candidate, and nearly 60 percent of voters said Biden’s socialist policies made the economy worse.

“Sixty-seven percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning surveyed voters said the party should nominate someone other than Biden, with his job approval rating standing at just 39 percent among all Americans surveyed. And 58 percent said they believe that Biden’s policies have made economic conditions in the U.S. worse,” POLITICO reported.

The fact that nearly 70 percent of Democrats want a new candidate in 2024, and that nearly 60 percent think Biden’s economic policies are a failure, connects to one final number.

And that is that CNN’s poll found 76 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to continue on as President.

Unlike in 2020, when Biden could hide in the basement and count on friendly reporters to keep the focus of the election on Trump, Biden has to be out front and in public as President.

Americans can see the videos of a confused Biden wandering around the stage trying to shake hands with people who aren’t there.

Americans can see Biden falling down while walking up the stairs onto Air Force One or call out to a Congresswoman who died months ago.

And Americans can see an 81-year-old man falling asleep during public events or interviews.

The American people have watched Biden deteriorate both mentally and physically in real time.

Their judgment on Biden’s performance in office all flows from the decline they’ve seen happening before their very eyes.