Not Even CNN Could Cover Up For This Massive Joe Biden Blunder

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CNN is a safe space for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

But even members of the corporate media are losing their patience with Joe Biden.

And not even CNN could cover up for this massive Joe Biden blunder.

As Conservative Revival reports:

The shortage of baby formula across the country is causing chaos and fear to descend upon American families.

As of the week ending May 8, 43 percent of the nation’s share of baby formula was out of stock.

By any definition of the word, this represented a crisis in America.

And yet White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield refused to use that word during an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

“At this point, do you, does the White House consider this a crisis?” Bolduan asked.

Bedingfield refused to say nearly half of the nation’s shares of baby formula being out of stock was a crisis.

“I don’t think it’s about a label, I think it’s about addressing directly the need that families all across the country have,” Bedingfield responded. “I’m a mom, I have two young kids. I’m not terribly far removed from the days of feeding my kids with formula. I know, and we know, the president knows how stressful this is for families across the country.”

Bolduan did not accept Bedingfield’s spin and wondered why the White House refused to label mothers not being able to feed their babies a crisis.

“Of course, for one family, Kate, it’s going to be a crisis,” Bolduan responded. “But is there a hesitation of calling this a crisis if that’s what it is?”

One reason why could come from a photograph posted to Twitter from Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack.

Congresswoman Cammack displayed a picture sent to her by a whistleblower showing the Biden administration shipping pallets of baby formula to an illegal alien processing center in Texas.

The Congresswoman juxtaposed illegal aliens receiving fresh shipments of baby formula to the empty grocery shelves confronting American moms and dads.

Illegal aliens should be able to feed their children.

But Joe Biden opening up the border to a wave of illegal aliens forced the administration to buy up baby formula left and right in anticipation of the flood of illegal aliens and their children pouring into the country.

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks fired off a letter to the Biden administration demanding to know how much the Biden administration spent on baby formula in fiscal years 2021 and 2022 and how much baby formula and how much it purchased in those years.

“The Biden administration has repeatedly and intentionally put the consideration of illegal immigrants before that of the American people. While Secretaries Mayorkas and Becerra gear up to welcome and care for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, young parents right here at home are struggling to find the formula they need. There must be transparency,” Banks said in an interview with the Daily Caller.

The shortage of baby formula is another crisis popping up on Joe Biden’s watch,

And no matter what the White House says, this is a crisis.