Obama’s 2012 Campaign Manager Sounds The Alarm About Joe Biden

Photo by Third Way Think Tank on Flickr

Joe Biden’s struggling presidency absorbed another blow.

It was not one Democrats could afford.

Joe Biden could not believe which top Democrat just flipped on him.

As Great American Daily reports:

An ABC/Washington Post poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by seven points reset the narrative surrounding the 2024 campaign.

Up until the moment ABC and the Washington Post released the results of this poll Democrats rested confidently on the fact that – although polls showed Joe Biden with dangerously low approval ratings – swing voters would reluctantly back Biden due to their hatred of how Donald Trump conducts himself.

That led to Democrats dropping their delusions that Donald Trump was unelectable.

Former Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina summed up the attitude on the left in the wake of the ABC/Washington Post poll by declaring it was a “full-throated f—ing panic” throughout the Democrat Party.

“Democrats are bedwetters historically,” Jim Messina, former campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s reelection, told Politico. “There’s like, just full-throated f—ing panic.”

Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile told ABC the results of the poll kept her up at night.

“It kept me up, and I thought they should wake up and look at those numbers,” Brazile stated. “It’s sobering in the sense that the coalition that elected Joe Biden, with the historic numbers that we saw in 2020, that coalition right now is fragmented. That should concern them.”

Other Democrats worried that Biden’s team did not understand the political environment or what Biden was up against with Donald Trump.

“The ABC poll, while it is an outlier, it’s also a warning, right?” CEO of the political consulting firm HIT Strategies, Terrance Woodbury, told Politico. “They are a very confident White House. They are most confident in their record. He is a creature of the legislature, and he believes that passing legislation is good governing and he’s passed some d–n good legislation. But that ain’t always good politics.”

South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn may be Joe Biden’s biggest ally in Washington.

And Clyburn expressed concern about Donald Trump’s performance in a CNN town hall event.

“I cannot say whether or not they are underestimating it. But I think we should not underestimate it. We see how skillful the ex-president is in these kinds of settings. But we also know that he is very challenged when it comes to the truth,” Clyburn declared.

Democrats were operating under the assumption that all Joe Biden had to do was show up if Trump was the nominee, and victory was in the bag.

But the polling data — as well as the performances of both Trump and Biden — laid waste to that delusion.