RINO Congresswoman Makes Trump’s VP Shortlist

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Everyone wants to know who will be on the GOP ticket in 2024.

A clue dropped.

And one shocking name just showed up on Donald Trump’s VP short list.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Sources close to the Trump campaign said Trump is looking at two characteristics above all in determining who he’ll pick to fill out the ticket for VP.

“We do know one thing about Trump, is that he puts a lot of weight on how well you present yourself. That really matters to him, so I suspect that will matter for his VP choice,” a GOP consultant familiar with the Trump campaign told the Daily Caller.

The consultant added that the running mate must be “TV ready.”

“Loyalty. That’s the necessary characteristic of anyone who wants to be VP. President Trump and the movement was dragged down by disloyalty in the White House,” another source who speaks with Trump told the Daily Caller.

The GOP consultant close to the Trump campaign explained that Trump was also most likely to pick a woman as his running mate.

Trump’s biggest weakness has been with suburban female voters, so Trump picking a woman could sell a refreshed image of Trump to voters.

“I think he would very much be open to a female… it depends. I don’t believe in diversity for the sake of diversity when it comes to elections and political figures, but I think there are people out there that are female that would be good fits for him,” the GOP consultant explained.

And one GOP official said the Trump campaign is considering New York Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik as his running mate.

“It’s always seemed to me that it will be a woman. Whenever I’ve talked to people who worked in Trump world, it’s always assumed to be someone like Elise Stefanik or some other woman candidate,” the official stated.

Former Trump campaign advisor and Health and Human Services official Michael Caputo praised the idea of selecting Stefanik.

“She’s one of the most convincing surrogates [for Trump] out of all of them. In some ways, Elise Stefanik, because of her distance from the problems of the past of Donald Trump, will be able to make a case for Donald Trump better than the candidate himself,” Caputo told the Daily Caller.

Trump became enamored with Stefanik when, during the Ukraine phone call impeachment hoax, Stefanik aggressively defended Trump from Adam Schiff’s witch hunt.

The corporate media then turned on Stefanik.

Hit pieces appeared in national outlets quoting her former Harvard classmates who attacked Stefanik personally as a traitor to her class.

However, prior to the Trump impeachment, the 38-year-old Stefanik presented herself as a Paul Ryan acolyte and the GOP establishment’s hope for a moderate leader in a post-Trump era.

And having worked for the Bush administration, Stefanik has always been a Bush-era RINO.

Stefanik voted for amnesty multiple times, supported gun control, illegal warrantless spying, and legislation granting transgenders special rights including forcing churches and other religious institutions to hire them.

When Liz Cheney went overboard on her support for Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee, House Republicans dumped Cheney as House Conference Chair and elevated Stefanik to take her place.

Given her liberal voting record and support for amnesty and imposing the transgender lifestyle on Americans of faith, conservatives hope Donald Trump passes up choosing Stefanik as his running mate.