Ron DeSantis Just Crushed Joe Biden’s Biggest Ally

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps racking up win after win.

Democrats do not know to respond.

Ron DeSantis just crushed Joe Biden’s biggest ally.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

In the eyes of the Left, Ron DeSantis has earned the title of most-hated conservative in America.

And now, fresh off of his landslide re-election victory in Florida, DeSantis just took one major step to destroy one of the most powerful left-wing organizations in America.

MSN reports, “Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled a series of proposals Monday aimed at school boards and teachers’ unions, the latest salvo in his battles over education policy in the state. DeSantis unveiled what he called a ‘Teachers Bill of Rights’ at an event in Jacksonville that would give teachers the go-ahead to oppose their school boards if they believed their policies were against state law.”

DeSantis’s Teachers’ Bill of Rights would mark a crucial blow against the power of left-wing teachers’ unions in Florida, which remain one of the most powerful Democrat backers in the state.

And his proposal could end up picking up steam in other states across the country.

“He also proposed banning teachers’ unions from automatically deducting dues from paychecks, imposing stricter term limits on school board members and changing the state constitution to allow school board candidates to reveal their political parties in what are now nonpartisan races,” adds MSN.

Already, Florida’s teachers’ union is crying foul, attacking DeSantis’s proposal because they know that without the ability to mandate that teachers fork over their money to fund their organization, they wouldn’t have the financial resources to back Democrats running for office.

And a similar story is playing out in states all over America, where Democrat-backed unions force workers to hand over their money to fund left-wing campaigns they oppose.

Time and time again, union workers are forced to watch union bosses use their money to help elect liberal Democrats, even when those union workers themselves are voting for Republicans.

And in Florida, DeSantis has unveiled a plan that would completely destroy the state’s left-wing teachers’ union, and make it impossible for them to use forced dues to help elect liberal Democrats in the state.

Duval School Board member Charlotte Joyce, one of a handful of school board members elected in Florida during DeSantis’s red wave last year, pointed out how the state’s liberal teachers’ union is helping to elect left-wing politicians.

Joyce said, “During the pandemic, we saw the teachers’ unions advocate strongly for mask mandates and vaccinations. Because of our great governor, he just put a stop to that and said, ‘We’re not going to have that in the state of Florida.’”