Rush Limbaugh Pointed Out The Big Error The Polls Are Making in 2020

In 2016 the polls missed Donald Trump’s win.

The pollsters may be making the same mistake again.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed out the big error the polls are making in 2020.

As Great American Daily reports:

The fake news media predictably slammed President Trump’s debate performance as a failure and a disaster.

Democrats expected a polling bounce for Joe Biden heading out of the debate.

Even some Republicans began whispering that President Trump blew it and the campaign was effectively over.

Fox Business Channel’s Charles Gasparino wrote that “Following the debate Trumps odds of re election fell dramatically but in speaking w GOP advisers they say the party has now largely given up on him in Nov. The focus is on him keeping it close and the GOP keeping the senate.”

Rush Limbaugh took on this quote noting that since the debate, the polling has not shown a collapse in President Trump’s support.

In fact the opposite was the case.

Limbaugh highlighted a brand new Gallup poll showing President Trump’s approval rating rising four points to 46 percent which was the highest level since January.

“But then if you keep plodding away and you keep reading toward the end of the poll, you find a fascinating part of it: ‘At 46%, Trump’s Pre-Debate Job Approval Highest Since May — In Gallup polling conducted over the two weeks leading up to the first presidential debate, President Donald Trump’s job approval rating is 46%, its highest point since May,’” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh also reported that by a 56 to 40 percent margin, Gallup found Americans thought President Trump would win re-election.

“’A majority believe that Trump is gonna win, 56 to 40%.’ This is among people Gallup has polled. Question again: ‘Regardless of whom you support and trying to be as objective as possible, who do you think will win the election in November?’ Donald Trump 56%, Biden 40%. Republicans answered the question: Trump 90%; Biden 9%. Independents: 56% Trump, 39% Biden. Democrats’ 24% Trump, 73% Biden,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh had no clear explanation as to why the public still favored President Trump to win the 2020 election.

Gallup was not the only poll to show movement towards Donald Trump after the debate.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found Donald Trump gaining three points on Joe Biden and trailing Joe Biden 49 to 46 percent.

Many poll watchers and forecasters believe that if Donald Trump loses the popular vote by three points, his advantage in the Electoral College will kick in.

Based on these polling data, the presidential debate was not the winner Democrats claimed.