Rush Limbaugh Was Asked One Question About Trump That He Couldn’t Answer

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Rush Limbaugh is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in the media.

But with the election less than 90 days away the President is trailing in the polls.

And Rush Limbaugh was asked one question about Trump that he couldn’t answer.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Rush Limbaugh recently celebrated his 32nd anniversary on the air.

During the broadcast a caller asked Limbaugh if after 32 years on the air and promoting conservatism if the conservative movement was still winning.

Before Limbaugh answered the question he offered a brief history lesson.

Rush explained that in the 1990s even though Bill Clinton won the Presidency the conservative movement was ascendant as evidenced by the GOP winning control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1948 and the creation of Fox News.

“They made me an honorary member of the freshman class in 1995. We were winning left and right. Now, we had lost the presidency in ’92 to Slick Willie. But we got it back in 2000 with George W. Bush. But, no, we were ascending. Fox News was starting up. That was 1996. I had four years on TV, and, folks, I just didn’t like it, is why I stepped down. You know, it’s not like I wasn’t working hard,” Limbaugh began.

But in 2020 Limbaugh noted that the conservative movement changed as some former leaders peeled away.

“The so-called conservative movement has matured. In fact, you know what I would say? I think we’ve even had some defections. I think the conservative movement… Well, I know we have, starting with the Never Trumpers. But I had somebody send me a note yesterday. I really don’t want to make this about me, but this note that I got yesterday from somebody meant a lot to me,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh explained that even though Donald Trump was implementing the policies some of these supposed “conservative movement leaders” such as former Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol spent years fighting for they became so enraged at losing control of the movement to Trump that they quit and became Democrats.

“There isn’t a unity of purpose on our side now. There’s not a unity, even, of ideology. We have some people on our side who are just so discombobulated by Trump that it has forced them to abandon what are their core beliefs. It’s been the most amazing thing to me, that people who ostensibly were being honest with us about their conservatism and the things that they believed — and they’ve been asking us to donate to their think tank or their cause or subscribe to their magazine,” Limbaugh declared.

Trump has been the most conservative President of many Americans’ lifetime.

If voters believe conservatives are still winning then they will re-elect Donald Trump.