Sean Hannity Went On TV And Did One Thing No One Ever Expected

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Sean Hannity is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

Even as some Fox News hosts turn against the President, Hannity remained loyal.

And now Sean Hannity went on TV and did one thing no one ever expected.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

During an interview with lawyer Sidney Powell, Hannity veered off the topic of Powell’s lawsuits to prove massive voter fraud to offer advice to the President.

Hannity seemed to concede the President’s defeat and warned Trump that the incoming Biden administration was being pressed by many on the left to keep the witch hunts against President Trump going and to jail the President and his family.

To Hannity, the only solution for the President was to issue a blanket pardon to himself and his family members.

“I watched [former Justice Department deputy and 2019 House impeachment adviser] Andrew Weissman come out and literally say Biden’s AG needs to go after Donald Trump. I’m like, the President out the door needs to pardon his whole family and himself because they want this witch-hunt to go on in perpetuity, they’re so full of rage and insanity against the President,” Hannity stated.

“I assume the power of the pardon is absolute and that he should be able to pardon anybody that he wants to?” Hannity asked Powell.

Powell agreed, but she questioned if the President could pardon himself.

“It is absolute it’s in the Constitution,” Powell added. “I don’t know about his authority to pardon himself.”

However, Powell claimed a blanket pardon for the Trump family would not be necessary because Powell believed President Trump’s legal challenges to the 2020 election results will succeed and the President will win a second term.

President Trump can pardon his family members to protect them from a vengeful Joe Biden.

But that isn’t the extent of the legal dangers President Trump may face.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is still investigating President Trump.

Vance is after President Trump’s tax returns and critics believe Vance will use them to fabricate charges of financial crimes against President Trump.

A pardon cannot protect President Trump and his family from Vance because the President’s pardon powers only cover federal criminal charges.

Hannity’s comments implied that he believed the election was over and President Trump lost.

That’s because if President Trump won a second term the statute of limitations on the charges Democrats would attempt to bring would expire.

If Hannity believed the President would win a second term there would be no need to discuss a pardon.

The mere fact that this has to be discussed demonstrates the depth of the madness that infected the Democrat Party because Donald Trump won the election.

Democrats—aided by their allies in the Deep State—want to punish Trump by criminalizing his time in office and support for his agenda in order to make an example out of him to discourage any outsiders that want to challenge the Washington swamp from running for president in the future.