The Existence Of This Child Sex Trafficking Ring Is Causing Joe Biden One Big Problem

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden’s scandals and missteps are piling up.

But one stands above the rest.

It’s the existence of this child sex trafficking ring is causing Joe Biden one big problem.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

A delegation of Republican congressmen headed to the southern border to highlight the catastrophe Joe Biden unleashed with his open borders policies and messaging.

Freshman Congressman Burgess Owens blasted Biden for allowing child sex trafficking rings to flourish as smugglers and cartels exercise operational control over the southern border.

Owens compared the trafficking occurring due to Biden’s neglect to the worst evils in human history.

“Human trafficking, my friends, is slavery,” Owens declared.

Owens described the horror show cartels and smugglers subject women and girls to noting that “30 percent of the women and girls coming through this [migration] process are going to be raped.”

Joe Biden’s offered no answers to the crisis at the border.

From Biden on down, administration officials refuse to even call the debacle at the southern border a crisis.

Owens railed on the administration blasting their inaction.

“We can’t standby and let that happen. We have boys and girls as young as six or seven years old being pushed into sex trafficking,” Owens declared.

Owens ripped Biden for causing this crisis by feeding the perception among illegal aliens that the border was open through his words and deeds.

“President Biden should be ashamed of himself. Ashamed. This was preventable,” Owens added that, “There are people suffering, going through misery because they were given false hope.”

Throughout the campaign Biden promised a “humane” immigration system.

Once in office Biden signed executive orders dismantling Donald Trump’s successful border policies such as ending the “Remain in Mexico” protocols and ending third party safe harbor agreements that forced illegal aliens to apply for asylum in third party nations before coming to the United States.

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart doubled down on Owens’ attacks on Biden for inviting a sex trafficking crisis.

“This is a humanitarian crisis. We are talking about thousands of girls who are being raped in the course of trying to reach the southern border. We are talking about the fact that now the United States, by this policy and rhetoric of President Biden’s administration … [is] financing the coyotes and the human trafficking cartels on the southern border of the United States,” Diaz-Balart stated.

The Biden administration admitted a record number of illegal alien children are streaming into the country.

And Biden officials concede that the number of illegal aliens overall attempting to crash the border will be the largest number in 20 years.

But instead of taking action to put a stop to a dangerous situation where smugglers and coyotes are roping illegal alien children into sex trafficking rings, the Biden administration is paralyzed by its open borders’ ideology.