The FBI Entered Into A Conspiracy Against Donald Trump That Will Change Everything You Think

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The witch hunt against Donald Trump has lasted more than six years.

Deep State agents pulled every dirty trick imaginable to take down Trump.

And the FBI entered into a conspiracy against Donald Trump that will change everything you think.

As Great American Daily reports:

Special Counsel John Durham revealed in a court filing that the Russian operative who was allegedly the primary source for the discredited Steele dossier was on the FBI’s payroll even though the Bureau had prior concerns that the businessman was tied to Moscow’s intelligence services.

In 2009 the FBI opened a preliminary investigation into Russian analyst Igor Danchenko when he reportedly told two coworkers that he knew of a way they could “make a little extra money” if they were able to “get a job in the government and had access to classified information.”

The FBI upgraded the investigation when they found that Danchenko had contact in 2005 and 2006 with the “Russian embassy and known Russian intelligence officers.”

Durham said the FBI shut down the investigation in 2010 because they mistakenly believed that Danchenko had left America.

Yet despite the FBI’s prior investigation Danchenko was paid by the Bureau to be a confidential human source as they carried out “Crossfire Hurricane” during which the FBI infamously investigated Trump’s 2016 campaign according to John Durham.

“From January 2017 through October 2020, and as part of its efforts to determine the truth or falsity of specific information in the Steele reports, the FBI conducted multiple interviews of the defendant regarding, among other things, the information that he had provided to Steele,” Durham said in the court filing.

“In March 2017, the FBI signed the defendant up as a paid confidential human source of the FBI. The FBI terminated its source relationship with the defendant in October 2020 … The defendant lied to FBI agents during several of these interviews.”

Danchenko, a Virginia resident, was arrested in November last year and has pleaded not guilty to five counts of making false statements about some of the information he gave to Christopher Steele.

Steele was paid on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to put together the now-discredited Steele dossier in which many unfounded accusations of misconduct were leveled against former President Donald Trump.

According to Danchenko’s indictment, he told many lies to the FBI, including the most scandalous claim of the dossier which claimed that the Russians had a tape of Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on the bed and that they were using it to blackmail him.

Durham’s team plans to call the hotel’s former manager as a witness to establish that he and the staff never said the quotes that the dossier claims they said.